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Alright, now that it's getting close to performance time, it's time to ask a question. Actually I guess I am asking for advice. Anyways, we are doing Wizard of Oz this year, and I am Dorothy, which is a pretty dramatic role. I have to go through so much, a storm, bieng displaced and disoriented, happiness at finding friends, fear of death when the witch tries to murder me, despair when the Wizard ignores me, and joy at being home! And I have a lot of mime, which is a lot harder than it looks! Some emotions are easier than others, like sadly I guess I don't have much trouble with the despair, or the happiness of finally being home, but other things, like the terror and being lost in the storm is extremely difficult. Like, what to do with my arms and not only use my face but my body to express emotion when choreography isn't set in places. Also, I must interact very much with the other characters. Does anyone have comments on acting, or what makes a great dramatist? Thank you! :dry:

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Well, I don't know about "great dramatist", medora, however I can give you something that helped me a lot :dry: In places where there is not much choreography and a lot of story to tell, you need to create a dialogue. Like a script, except that you are not speaking. What are you thinking? Why are you where you are? How did you get there? Where did you come from? Who are you talking to and why? Just get the right thoughts going through your mind and your body can react to those thoughts.

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Haha, sometimes I get a little carried away when writing and the "great dramatist" phrase was definetely one of those moments. :wink::wink: Hmm, this has aroused a lot of thought, thank you so much Ms. Leigh! :dry:

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