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Who do you like better?


Whom do you prefer?  

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  1. 1. Whom do you prefer?

    • Angel Corella
    • Ethen Stiefel
    • Jose Manuel Carreño
    • Vladimir Malakhov

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ok, I know this is similar to the post about you favorite male dancer.


But I was just curious. I just recently watched my copy of the PBS documentary "Wild Men" about these four amazing ABT dancers, and it sparked me do this post. (Have any of you seen this documentary?)


Anyways, here is my question:


Who do you like better?


Angel Corella

Ethen Stiefel

Jose Manuel Carreño

Vladimir Malakhov


If you did the poll, please explain your answer.


I would have to say Corella. I really admire his jumps and turns. But when I watched the documentary, on the final dance that they show that Mark Morris coreographed, Malakhov stood out more, to me, anyways. He such a true artist, and has amazing lines.


How about you?



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Guest kitrisomeday

Corella has great jumps and turns, but what really impresses me is his presence, and SMILE! he's always smiling B) when dancing, and it kind of spreads to the audience, you know?

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yah, he does have really good presence, (actually all of them do... lol)


I don't know, out of the four of them, it seems like Jose Manuel Carreno is the least impressive.. it just seems that he is less flexible and stuff, but he does have perfect pirrouettes.


by the way, for all of the people who are doing the poll, please explain your answer. Some 17 people have done the poll, and only one person (not including myself) has explained why they chose who they did. The whole reason I started this post is so we could discuss what we don't like or do like about these dancers. Sorry if I'm being picky, lol. I guess it's a free country and you don't have to if you don't want to. omg I'll shut up now.



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I picked Angel Corella. I saw him dance in the Born to be Wild, last year when it was on Australian TV, and I thought he was amazing, there is just something about him that I love. I also saw some clips of him dancing "Romeo and Juliet" and "La Bayadere" for the Royal Ballet, at the opening of the Royal Oprea House.

In Romeo it was like he was Romeo, and he really loved his Juliet, and in La Bayadere, he had the most amazing jumps.


I think its really cool but ex Aust. Ballet Dancer Nicole Rhodes was challenged by Angel in the AB cafe to do some pirroutes, and she was about 2 under his record. (I'm afraid I don't remember the records)

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No, sadly I wasn't there, but a friend of mine is good friends with a few of the dancers in the AB, and they told her, and she passed it on to me, as Nicole Rhodes, and Angel Corella are my favourite dancers..

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yah, i voted for angel corella since he is really good, but even better you can just see his joy when he's dancing.

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I voted for Jose Manuel, and I have to confess I was somehow biased by my feminine side, though :D


You know, so masculine, so powerful, so good looking and, on top of all this, such a great dancer as well.


However, regarding schooling, I believe Malakhov is unmatched - Russian schooling really shows.



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I think Malakhov is the most versatile and intriguing of the 4. I must admit, though, have only seen any of these dancers in video. I absolutely love watching Malakhov in Nacho Duato's Remanso on the ABT Now video I cannot take my eyes off him in this dance- he is absoutely wonderful. It makes we want to dance everytime I watch it.


I also love Corrella for his boyish charm and exhuberance. Correno's machismo is undeniable and yet knowing he is such a family man makes him even more sexy. He definitely "commands" the stage. Steifel is the ony one of the four who really does nothing for me. I don't know, he just doesn't seem to have much personality.

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Guest AmyLiz008

I agree with tendumom on all counts! I voted for Malakhov, however, because he was the first male dancer that I saw (on video) that made me stop what I was doing (washing dishes!) and just watch in awe. Then I cried, and I actually applauded the television! The video was something I borrowed from my dance teacher; I'm not sure what it was.

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i LOVE :thumbsup: angel, hes so awesome!!!! he can be graceful and powerful at the same time unlike ethan who is a beautiful dancer but cannot be powerful aswell as graceful and jose is just powerful all the time and a bit boring to watch( sorry jose) angel could do any part :devil: my second choice would have to be vladmir, although he didnt get many votes in this poll he is an amazing dancer, he can do character roles so well and hes like a cat hes graceful and could do anything abt puts him up to. I LOVE YOU ANGEL!!!

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o by the way i have seen the pbs " men of abt" great documentary and i love the ballet they do at the end, OMG and angel's Don Q solo at grand prix is so GORGEOUS, i love Don Q and i love Angel so it was a perfect mix for me. he is aboslutley breath taking in the solo, absoultley beautiful and powerful :thumbsup:

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KSD, please see my message on the "I got a letter from Paloma" thread. You have great opinions about dancers, and I love the the way you say WHY you think the way you do. :thumbsup: Your enthusiasm is also great! :dry:


Please write in standard English (which is easiest for our non-native speakers to understand) and take a breath once in a while (which means insert a period and start a new sentence when you change thoughts). :flowers:

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This is not my thing, but I couldn't restrain myself. I think Malakhov is less recognized than he should be. He's beautifully trained with clean, even pure, lines and is extremely strong both in adagio and allegro. He's also a good actor, and can look like a man onstage or boyish when need be. I always wonder if his facial features are what limits him. I'm almost too afraid to post this, but here goes: I think most, not all, but most of the favorite male dancers in this country are even featured--WASPy--even when they're not white anglos. Malakhov's features are quite interesting, in my mind, but they're definitely not Ken-doll. What if he had Peter Martins face? What then?


To get back to it: A close second for me would be Carreno, because of his cleanness, masculine presence on the stage, and quietness as a partner. Carreno is very much a leading man.


A definite third are both Steifel and Corella, but for different reasons.


Steifel is very clean, even brilliant as a dancer, beautiful feet, but leaves me cold. Also, I don't sense an adagio in him. I see him do it, but to me he's just a grand allegro dancer. When he's called upon to act, he always seems cartoonish. I don't sense a lot of maturity of emotion in him. On the other hand, he always looks like a leading man when he dances--never a soloist.


Corella has terrific jumps and turns and is strong in adagio and allegro, but it always seems like I'm watching a young boy on the stage. He's cute. That's good, I suppose. I primarily see him as a brilliant soloist. But he just doesn't have a strong male presence for me, not a leading man presence that can carry a whole ballet.

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Guest alescna

i voted for ethan stiefel because i saw him in centre stage! he was incredibel there!... i think angel corella is really good too, but i only saw a 10 minute clip of him and can't really judge based on a 10 minute clip! ... i wish they would premier more ballet movies/documentries on australian tv

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