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Who do you like better?


Whom do you prefer?  

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  1. 1. Whom do you prefer?

    • Angel Corella
    • Ethen Stiefel
    • Jose Manuel Carreño
    • Vladimir Malakhov

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Although I believe that Vladimir Malakhov might have the most technique out of the bunch, there is a certain innocence and charm that Angel Corella has that really captivates you. He has great stage presence and when he dances there are many dynamic changes, which make him really fun to watch. Ethan Stiefel is amazing too, he is a close second. He is very graceful, but I agree, sometimes he doesn't seem incredibly "solid". I really have not seen enough of Jose Manuel Carreno to judge him.

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Guest Herrera dancer

I really admirer Angel Corella because his dancing always looks weightless and joyful. He has great technique and is very expressive.

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Guest dancing<><piper

Definitely Angel Corella!! I have to say that til recently I thought "Angel" was pronounced like the word angel! (i.e. heavenly being)

I saw him in Le Corsaire, as the slave, and oh, it was so awesome!

I have to say I don't know much about the others but I think I would say him even if I did. :nopity:

And he totally makes it look effortless!



P.S. of course it doesn't have anything to do with his dancing but as some of you said he is quite good looking :):blushing:

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Guest prokofiev

Malakhov... yummy technique, great presence... mmmm. I agree about Corella's infectious joy, but I'm just such a huge fan of Malakhov's expressive prowess and flawless footwork... :thumbsup: Tough poll topic! They're all so different.



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Guest kittieruby

I was in class with Angel today at Steps. He is just so amazing. All of us girls were gushing! But his dancing, uh! Yes and that smiles is infectious!!

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I bought the Born to be Wild DVD and couldn't believe it - I sat watching with my mouth open! I gave it to my boy student and he was in shock at their exceptional technique - hope it didn't put him off! I chose Corella because I liked his personality the most - the sheer joy he shows in his dancing just enraptured me! Technically they're all pretty much of a muchness - all equally brilliant! I'm not crazy about Ethan Stiefel - he's a bit wishy-washy. Malakhov is a bit too cat-like for me ( he reminds me of the Siamese Cats in Disney's 101 Dalmations!) but he is a divine dancer. I thought Carrera was fantastic too, but Angel definitely has the edge.


By the way I received a present of the ABT's verson of The Dream with Ethan Stiefel and although he was really good in it, I thought he was completely overshadowed by the guy who danced Puck. I have never seen such ballon! Highly recommended - even though it's a short DVD.

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I was in class with Angel today at Steps. He is just so amazing. All of us girls were gushing! But his dancing, uh! Yes and that smiles is infectious!!


Oh my gosh, kittieruby, you're SO lucky! I saw Angel Corella in Giselle this week and he's my new favorite. He was so incredible! He had amazing technique and stage presence; he looked like he was floating every time he did a grand jete or a cabriole, like he could just choose to come down from the jump whenever he wanted to. I really like Ethan Stiefel as well, so I can't quite decide between the two.

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I like to see passion! The feet, the jumps, etc that is important! But feeling that is genuine and expressed on stage AND CONNECTS TO THE AUDIENCE- That is Jose Manuel Carreño have ! Dancers who that 'certain something' in their stage presence are truly gifted!

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Guest DancingDork101

I would say Angel Corrella is the best out of the group. Angel has so much power and just soars through the air when he jumps. He is also such a amazing turner like the turns he does in "Le Corsaire".

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