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Who do you like better?


Whom do you prefer?  

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  1. 1. Whom do you prefer?

    • Angel Corella
    • Ethen Stiefel
    • Jose Manuel Carreño
    • Vladimir Malakhov

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Guest scorpiodancer0007

I would also say Angel Corrella. I watched the video of

Le Corsaire and I was amazed with the turns he did as the slave.

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Guest gillian

I agree, Angel (the "g" is pronounced as an "h;" AHN-hel) Corella is very good in Le Corsaire, but what about Malakhov??? His dancing absolutely blows me away, and I feel like he has a maturity about his dancing Angel and Ethan do not (although, I feel like Corella's dancing has gotten better every time I see it). I'm not very familiar with Carreno's (how do you get the tilde?) dancing, so I guess this isn't a fair question for me to answer :)

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Jose Manuel Carreno. I met him on the streets of chicago after seeing ABT do Giselle. He hadn't danced, but he was leaving the theatre and of course i couldn't resist a picture. BUT he was very nice to me and not to mention incredibly hot. lol i have something for cuban men :blushing:


as far as dancing goes i love watching a strong dancer. he just is beautiful and has an essence about his dancing.

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Guest prettyINpointes92

i piced Ethan because i just think his jumps are amazeing and he just wow's me on stage everytime i see a video he's in.And i also think he just does a great job at acting out all of his characters, he does all of them so good.






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Although I haven't seen Carreño, I would definitely choose Malakhov. After watching ABT's Le Corsaire, as well as "Men of ABT" (I think that was the name of the video), he stands out as someone with artistry. In Le Corsaire, Stiefel does several crude attempts at acting, as when he kicks Birbanto. Come on, it's ballet!! You can't KICK another character! Of course, Stiefel's and Corella's jumps and turns are impressive, but to me, that's not the only thing that matters. Besides, I don't think Malakhov is anyhow technically less advanced than those two, and he has artistry and a presence.

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Guest PinkieTink

I picked Angel Corella! I think his pirouettes are awesome, he's very elegant and he has that "wow" factor. One of my friends thinks he's adorable :thumbsup:





~Dancing isn't what I do, it's who I am~


*Those who dream touch the stars*


-Dance like there is no tomorrow-

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Vladimir Malakhov is the greatest I've seen, but I dont know the others very well apart from some videos that is surely amasing, but you dont get the same "personal" relation to the dancer... But Ethen Stiefel has also made me applaud the television B) Is it correct that he is now a company leader in the orange county? read some news about that a while ago..

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CORELLA!!! :D of course all of them are amazing but he is just awesome!!! on my le corsaire dvd all of his turns and jumps are just phenominal!!! i was trying to stretch but i just had to stop and watch :wub:


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Guest lisinka1

I vote for Malakhov because from what I've seen he has the best technique, a beautiful line, great feet, and wonderful acting ability in the classics.


Corella is cute and has great technique and feet but he just doesn't seem like a prince to me. His look is more like a boy than a man.


I saw Carreno is Raymonda last year with Nina Ananiashvili at the Met. This was the only time that I ever saw him and I wasn't impressed at all. Maybe he was just having an off perfomance. His acting was non-existent and his technique was all over the place. He didn't seem very stable in his turns and jumps. He seemed to be holding back a lot. Fortunately Nina shined!


Stiefel is very handsome but I haven't seen him perform in anything but Center Stage. He danced wonderfully and acted wonderfully in this movie, but I cannot base my answer on a movie.

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I voted for Malakhov, because he's the only dancer of these four that I've seen dancing (and actually I've been lucky to meet him backstage as well! :D ), I guess I have to get that video/dvd you are talking about so I can see also the rest! :yes:


Malakhov has been dancing in Ballet Mikkeli in Finland

and this year he is dancing in Mikkeli with Julie Kent in Swan Lake (Petipa-Ivanov). His stage presence is great and he somehow reminds me of Nureyev, although of course I never saw Nureyev dancing alive. :grinning: There's something in Malakhov's "attitude" and personality on stage that is appealing, and his technique is so good that even Mr. Jans who doesn't know anything about ballet technique (he just likes or hates performances, but doesn't understand them) asked me if Malakhov was a exceptionally good dancer. :blink:

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I would have to say Carreno and Malakhov. To me, they are both so beautiful to watch...for entirely different reasons. Carreno is so masculine with elegant lines (if I were a ballerina at ABT, I'D love to be partnered by him :P ). Malakhov won me over with his portrayal of the sleazy slave trader in "Le Corsaire". I'd always seen him as more cat-like and elegant, but I thought he was superb in the role of slave trader.


If you like Malakhov, he has a recent DVD out called Great Dancers of Our Time. It has Malakhov dancing in Manon (with Diana Vishneva), Le Spectre de la Rose, and Voyage (a modern piece). The DVD also features Lucia Lacarra and Kiyoko Kimura.

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