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Help- my foot won't stay in passe during turns

Guest karuna

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I never "officially" introduced myself here- this is my 2nd post. Anyhow, coming back to ballet after many years off!

There aren't adult ballet classes more than 2x a week so already I am back in the advanced classses w/ teens :)

I recall this problem before too- in pirouettes my foot never stays placed on knee- I always over cross and/or lift too high and lose contact w/ knee and this throws me off. Even in single slow turns this happens. I am owndering if this is a mental or physical problem or both? Any ideas how I can get my foot to stay there w/out glue or velcro? :shrug:


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Hello karuna, and welcome to the Adult Ballet Students' forum here on Ballet Talk for Dancers! :blink:


When you practice the retiré position at the barre, that is the place where you must place your working leg in pirouettes. Practice your relevé to that position over and over and over. Then when you do pirouettes, put it THERE. Not anywhere else. Remember, the foot does not have a mind of it's own :unsure: It will go where YOU put it :thumbsup:

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