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Guest kristinene

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Guest kristinene

I saw The Company last night (and loved it), and it got me thinking about other ballet movies, and movies that include ballet. I'm curious about people's memories of ballet segments from films, old and new.


I've got to say, one of my favorite 'cringe' moments is in "White Christmas". At the end, in front of the big Christmas tree, the two couples are singing the title song and these young young young girls come out en pointe! B) I always worry about their ankles, can't help it. For those who haven't seen this movie, think the 'Lullaby League' trio from "The Wizard of Oz"....


Other thoughts of good or bad movies/segments?

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I was watching An American In Paris this morning on TCM. I was watching the leading lady (whose name I am drawing a blank for at the moment) dance with Gene Kelly and I thought She looks like she could be a ballet dancer. Sure enough, later in the film she came out dancing en pointe. I love being right about things. :D

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I always love the Leslie-Browne-is-drunk-during-Giselle scene in The Turning Point! And of course anything in Center Stage. Julia Stiles's Julliard audition makes me want to poke my eyes out like Oedipus in "Save the Last Dance" (though the movie isn't bad). It's really old and hard to find, but "Tales of Hoffman" has a great solo for Moira Shrearer in it. In Hitchcock's "Torn Curtain" (I love that movie!!) Tamara Toumanova plays a nasty ballerina and dances some. And of course, the CLASSIC scene in Red Shoes where Shrearer is dancing Odette in that tiny theatre and her eyes just FLASH with passion! And, for those of you who don't know, the lady operating the squeeky record player in that scene actually is Marie Rambert. Good thread! I want to go watch Red Shoes again!

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Guest petiteanise

I agree red shoes was great! I happend upon it in a flea market for $0.79! Needless to say I snatched it up.

My mother found Baryshnikov dances Sinatra at a half price books. I enjoyed that and I once saw a documentary on TCM with multiple hosts (roy bolger, baryshnikov,liza minelli etc) i don't recall the name though, i want to say its called "thats dance" but i'm not sure...anyone know what i'm talking about?

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Guest Chedva

I'm not sure that these could be considered "ballets" per se, although they're often called that in discussions about the movies. Fred Astaire & Cyd Charisse do a marvelous number, written by Richard Rodgers, called "Slaughter on 10th Avenue" in The Bandwagon. And Gene Kelly's "Gotta Dance" in Singin' in the Rain.


Then there's Laurie's Dream from Oklahoma!, and the Carousel Waltz from Carousel, choreographed by Agnes De Mille.


And my all-time favorite is the Barn Raising scene from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Russ Tamblyn and Jacques D'Amboise were two of the brothers.

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I enjoyed that and I once saw a documentary on TCM with multiple hosts (roy bolger, baryshnikov,liza minelli etc) i don't recall the name though, i want to say its called "thats dance" but i'm not sure...anyone know what i'm talking about?

I'm pretty sure that it was called "That's Dancin'" - it was made after "That's Entertainment". I believe that the latter is still available on video, and maybe the former as well. "That's Entertainment" has a lot of dance in it, too...

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Guest kristinene

It is so great to hear everyone's favorites! I started with ones that made me cringe, so I'll add in my fave too:


West Side Story - I just love it, all of it.


Keep your opinions coming - it lets me know what to rent and what to skip!

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Like Chedva, I'm a fan of Cyd Charisse's work... My all-time favorite piece

of hers is the "Broadway Melody Ballet" from Singin' in the Rain, with

(natch) the incomparable Gene Kelly.


Actually, since I'm on the topic, I'll add that this film is one of my all

time favorites for many reasons, another of which is Donald O'Connor's

"Make 'em Laugh" number. What a talent, and what an incredible movie!

I love most movies involving dance, and musicals of all sorts, even newcomers

to film like "Chicago" but most can't hold a candle to the oldies... no fancy

cut/cut/cut/splice/MTV-style editing, no tricks, just amazing single-take shots

with flawless dancers.


But Cyd Charisse -- wow... If you haven't seen The Band Wagon

with Fred Astaire, definitely check it out!


Great topic, by the way!

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how about the movie "high society"? there isn't a dancing segment, but that part where the younger daughter prances around in her pointes speaking french just cracks me up. :D although she does look kind of wobbly.

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Cyd Charise, I just--uh, wow. Golly, gee.




What about "Black Tights"? With Cyd, Moira Shearer AND Zizi Jean-Marie?


It's a very strange movie, and I've never been able to decide if I actually like it, but with that kind of scenery who cares?

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My favorite ballet movie is The Red Shoes, too. I also liked Billy Elliot, especially the last scene when he leaped onstage from the wings in his Swan Lake costume.

( I saw a performance of Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake in NY which was incredible). I also liked the drunk in Giselle scene in Turning Pointe, Easter Parade with FRed Astaire and Strictly Ballroom.

On TV I loved watching Fonteyn and Nureyev on Ed Sullivan and Nureyev dancing with MIss Piggy on the Muppets. One of the funniest things I ever saw was when Oscar keeled over trying to do a grande plie on The Odd Couple when Edward Villella was a guest.

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Guest kristinene

Oh yes Onyx! That makes me think of a Sesame Street segment that I had forgotten about until this moment. It had two parts, the first was Suzanne Farrell dancing with a voice over that said (something like) "Suzanne Farrell dancing ballet." The second part was "Suzanne Farrell drinking a glass of milk" to wild applause! LOL, I can't believe I forgot about that!

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is it actually julia stiles who dances in Save the last Dance?? I wasn't quite sure. You don't actually see her face when she is en pointe!!


Good film tho. very heartwarming!! :lol:

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