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Guest dancinabbs

Before I ask my questions, let my give a little backroung info. The past two years, I have gotten into (and attended) Joffrey Midwest Workshop. I have also gotten into, in past years, Joffrey New York, Rock School, and School of Ballet Chicago. I would also like to add that I am 13, and the 1st year I went to Joffrey I was 11 (so this summer I will still be 13). This was the first year that I auditioned for ABT (I was sick last year), and I was pretty set on getting in, even though I knew I shouldn't have been. When I recieved my accptence letter, I was so happy. Last night, after I decided ABT Detroit (the one I was accepted into) was the place I wanted to go, I reread my letter and realized the absolute worst thing - I had been wait-listed!! I was really sad for two reasons: 1. There is a chance I may not be accepted and 2. Other people I know had been accepted and I thought I was just as good as them, if not better. Now, I am really sad. So here are my questions:


1. Do you think there is a chance that I may still be accepted even though I was wait-listed?

2. If not, what do you think I should do instead? Do you know anyother SIs that have not had auditions yet, but are still pretty well-known and competitive?

3. Do you think there is a specific reason I was not accepted? I mean, I know you haven't seen me dance, but I was wondering maybe you know the kind of thing ABT looks for.


Thanks for any help. I know I sound a bit self-absorbed, but I'm kind of in a pickle, because of time issues I can't go back to Joffrey and I would prefer to go away this summer. Thanks in advance!


xoxo ABBS xoxo

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dancinabbs, all professional SIs are loking for exactly the same thing. Generally that means the best darn students we can find! :unsure: We all look for talent, physical attributes for classical ballet, coordination, artistic attributes (which means a physical knowledge of culture and expressivity) and intelligence. The various techincal aspects of ballet vary according to age! This is not in any particular order, just a list.


I am not experienced with having students wait listed in programs but I can speak generally for how our wait list works. It is totally dependent upon how many of the those who were accepted respond positively to our acceptance of them! :blink: Some years we need to call those on our waiting list and sometimes we do not.


I wish I could give you a better answer but that is the best I can give you. All the best.

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dancinabbs--my daughter got into abt detroit this summer but decided not to go. so, that's one spot that will go to a waitlist dancer! and i know a few other dancers who turned down abt detroit, mostly because it was only four weeks long or because they had to turn the deposit in too soon--before they heard from other programs. last year my daugher got waitlisted for boston ballet and got in but not until mid-march. while you're waiting to hear from abt detroit, why don't you go on the websites of other si programs to see if they have any auditions left. have you thought about cpyb in pennsylvania? you don't need to audition to get in but i've heard really good things about the training there from dancers who went for the summer intensive. good luck!

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Hello Abbs, welcome to the Young Dancers' forum here on Ballet Talk for Dancers! :blink:


I think you might have a chance this year, as a lot of people seem to be rejecting ABT because of the immediate deadline for acceptance and deposit. However, it might be a good idea to have something else in place too. You might be able to get a video audition in to some places. Our deadline for videos, for instance, is not until Mar. 15, so maybe others have a later deadline too. Check the websites of the places you are interested in going.

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Very nice information susan, but please remember that parents of dancers are not permited to posted in the Young Dancer's forum. Thank you for your understanding.

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My friend and I got in and arent going, so there are 2 more spots. I think that you probably have a pretty good chance of gettin in, but I'm not sure.




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DancinAbbs, I tried out for ABT in Chicago, too!

(Sorry -off topic) :D

I think that since they want a deposit quickly, some may not turn it in waiting for news of another program. Also, b/c of the quick deposit issue, hopefully that means you will know relatively soon. Did you audition for anywhere else this year? There are other programs that are just as good as ABT Detroit. If you feel you want to go to one more audition, MIlwaukee has one this weekend I believe in Chicago. Good luck! :rolleyes:

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Guest dancinabbs

Thanks everyone for posting great answere so quickly! :grinning: I'm feeling a lot calmer about the whole thing. I now plan on making a video audition - specificly for Washington Ballet, I had wanted to audition but I didn't think there were auditions in Chicago. I am also going to contact Joffrey Midwest and see if there are still open spots. And I am not so worried about ABT Detroit as much. Thanks again!!


xoxo ABBE xoxo :D:huepfen:

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Don't worry about it! In my opinion, ABT is highly overrated. :devil: Maybe you can audition for Joffrey or some of the other SIs you were accepted to last year. :unsure: Merde to you in your decisions. Also, I know that there could be a good chance of getting off the ABT waiting list, because last year, a younger friend of mine from a ballet school in my area got off the waiting list for ABT Austin! :thumbsup:

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