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Guest devion101

Hey all,

In pointe class there are four of us. I have one of the highest arches in class, but there is another girl who has the 'swan's neck' foot and her feet are just gorgeous. This is all okay, but our teachers are always commenting on how much better her feet are than ours! It's bothers me sooo much! :D . I think I have decent feet, and so when our teachers are always criticizing our feet and praising hers, it is really annoying. I don't think there's anything that awesome about high arches, and I wish my teachers would stop pointing our their preferences... Does anyone else have experience with this? Urgh.



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That would bother me too. It would be different if the girl was simply being complimented on her feet, but to compliment her by criticizing the other students isn't necessary. Just because that feature isn't outstanding doesn't mean it is horrible. :D Plus, you would think that after a few compliments, they would get used to the fact that she has great feet. A girl with awesome feet recently started taking classes at my studio and of course at the beginning she got lots of compliments, but it would be over the top to keep complimenting them. Maybe they will get past the complimenting stage eventually... :rolleyes:

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devion101 are you absolutely sure your teachers are comparing your feet to the other girl's or are you hearing her use the "swan foot" as a good example of classical line? There can be so many misunderstandings when corrections are made. My suggestion to you would be to talk with your teachers. Explain how you are hearing the comments and possibly your teachers may find different ways to get the point across.


Just a note however. The line the foot creates on pointe is an important aspect of classical ballet, but it is not everything. Students are just that, students and they must work to improve their physical attributes always. Just because a foot may produce a good line that does not make it automatically a strong foot. This subject has been discussed previously in this forum. Learn to show your assets well and work to improve those that may not be ideal but can always be better. :D

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Don't let these comments discourage you: I'm sure the teacher all the best for you. Use these comments to encourage yourself to work even harder: there will always be some people better that you at some things, and some worse. Use this opportunity to learn and prepare yourself for the time when you join a company... =)

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