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Hurt knee


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Okay, I have just started dancing again after two months of glandular fever, and now I hurt my knee and can't dance for another month and a half. And one of my auditions is in two weeks... it just seems as it's not meant for me to audition this year. Well, in worst case I will have to wait to audition until next year. I will be 19 then, but since I'm more in to modern I hope that won't be a handicap. Sorry for my confused babbling, I just needed a little vent. Take care, everybody!



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Niphredil so sorry to hear of your troubles :rolleyes: however you sound as if you have thought the process through very well. For this you receive :D. It is so difficult for dancers to deal with injury but the more positive you remain the better the outcome will be in the long run. There are ways to remain active in dance while injured other than physically participating. Observing classes and rehearsals can be quite an eye opening experience. Perhaps you can discuss a project that interests you with your teacher so you can continue your growth as a dancer. I suggest that you approach your teacher with the matter since you are the one to know your interests in dance other than the physical participation aspect! All the best to you.

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