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Hello everyone !

I was wondering something ; it's much more easy for me to spot when I'm going towards left (either piqués or pirouettes) and I'm much more short-sighted with my right eye than with my left one ; I'm also astigmatic with my left one, not with my right one. I wear contacts, but I wonder if this difference does have an importance .

does anyone have the same results ?

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It could have something to do with it. I have exactly the same situation, but in opposite eyes - myopia in the right eye, astigmatism in the left. However, I learned to spot long before my eyes changed, so the effect on me is probably minimal.

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Guest fastfeets

I never wear my contacts or glasses in class.. makes little eyesight problems rather moot. ;)


Really, though, I do find it much easier to spot with blurred vision than with eyewear...

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Hmmm...maybe I should try class w/o contacts if it helps spotting. Might be worth the squinting--I have severe myopia and astigmatism in both eyes. Fascinating idea!

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