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I'm 13 years old. I, like thousands of others, want to become a proffessional ballet dancer. While the school I have been going to for the past 9 years is not bad and I have received good solid training there, I don't think it will provide me with what I need to make it pro. In the past few years girls from my school have gone on to college dance programs at Juilliard and U of Indiana, but none straight to dance jobs. The last proffessional dancer that came out of my school was Arch Higgins (currenlty soloist at NYCB) and before that Kyra Nichols (currently principal at NYCB, she didn't actually go to my school, but she was taught by her mom before going to SAB who then started the school I go to). That was a long time ago.

The only other school significantly better than mine in this area is SFB, and I was just rejected for the 3rd time. They really don't like me. This summer I'm going to SAB, and IF, that's a very small IF, one that I'm not expecting, I am asked to stay for the year I would do it in a heartbeat. Since that most likely won't happen I'm thinking of going to CPYB for the year. I don't know though, it's much harder and more expensive to get to than SAB, and I'm only 13 (will be 14 in a few months). If I do stay at my current school for this coming up school year I will get to participate in things such as Regional Dance America and plan on taking lots more classes than I am now, at least 20 hours a week of classes. I just don't know. Stay or go? :D


Sorry for the long post and thanks to anyone who replies.

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First, I would recommend that you stay close to your family until about the middle of the high school years or so, studying at the best school that you can attend. By the time you're, say, a sophomore, you should have build up sufficient "chops" both balletically and socially to be in an environment where you have less contact with loved ones. You don't need the culture shock! This advice also holds for relocating. Some people can undergo the most profound "dislocation syndrome" that they actually become physically ill!

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