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Marteens (spelling?) pointe shoes

Guest magdakacz

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Guest magdakacz


My teacher suggested that I look into a type of pointe shoe she used to wear that had a steel shank and was so solid that they lasted her six months or so despite the fact that she had feet like mine and broke shoes very quickly. They were called Marteens (although I am not sure of the spelling) and I beleve they were German. I haven't been able to find any information about these - has anybody heard of them or knows if they even exist today?

Also, does anyone know anything about Schachtner's shoes? They also have a steel shank but I heard that they are very blocky and heavy.



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Knock, knock...

Hello magdakacz,

your teacher may be referring to Eva Martin pointe shoes. There used to be a U.S. distributor in N.J. but I have no idea if he still does it. They are a German shoe made by Karl Heine Martin, but they do not have a steel shank, nor should a pointe shoe have a steel shank. Here is a web address that I found that seems to carry them:



They are a beautiful shoe, suitable for a somewhat tapered foot. A friend of mine used to wear them-she came from National Ballet of Canada, and they have a shop up there with very knowledgeable staff.


Good Luck!!

Clara :devil:

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is a steel shank really steel? I've heard of them before, but I have never known if there was an actual layer of metal inside or not.

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Try this link to Danielle DeVor's site:

The Perfect Pointe

You will see the Schachtners there. I may be wrong but I really don't think they have metal in the shank.


Clara :wub:

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