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Guest devion101

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Guest devion101

Hi all,

I am very interested in attending CPYB year round. Has anyone done this? How do you get accepted? Is there an audition or what? I have tried to ask CPYB themselves, but I can't really get an answer... I am planning on going either there or to the SDL at Whitman College this summer, by the way. Thanks!



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might i also add: before making any decision to go there for the year go to a summer program and spend a great deal of time thinking about it. you have to see if you can handle it and if you like the environment there. not only is the schedule just physically demanding (3 classes or more a day ON A SCHOOL DAY), but the teachers are HARSH. if you go to the summer and think the teachers are really harsh, they are at least 10 tiems harsher during the year. think seriously about it. some dancers can't handle it and come back after a year despising ballet. if you don't want to go pro the teachers won't want to work with you either.

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devion101 I do believe an audition is not a requirement to attend CPYB year round. Have you done a search on their website? As has beeen suggested by SFB2b, it is always best to spend a SI at a year round program prior attending full time. All professional ballet schools have very high requirements. All are demanding in their quest for excellence. How each student deals individually with various teachers or school policies is a personal issue, not one that should be decided or influenced by how others may or may not feel about it. Only you can decide if any school or teacher is for you. Of course you should talk with others about their experiences but remember they are their experiences not yours. Try to evaluate individually putting your goals and priorities first. Sometimes some schools or teachers just do not "fit" for some but the "fit" is like a glove for others! You never know unless you try. :)

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If you already have plans for a summer SI in July, CPYB also has a two week August SI that is mainly focused on their year-round students although others do attend. With so many guest teachers during the July program, the August one may help you understand the year round focus better. Do call the school registrar, she is very helpful.


Oops-please remove this if appropriate. I just noticed that this is a forum for young dancers and I am a mom.

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We will leave it, dancindaughter, as it is helpful information on the topic. Next time, just do a "knock knock", or, send one of the moderators the information to post though, okay? :)

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