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Guest ballet_barbie72

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Guest ballet_barbie72

I was just wondering if anyone here knows much about The McDonald College of Performing Arts in Sydney, Australia? Because I am considering perhaps going there in a few years time. Here is the website, and maybe some of you could say whether it sounds good or not?



Also, does anyone know any good Performing Arts schools in Australia, that give scolarships!?


Thanks! Love Erin

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ballet_barbie72 I did take the time to look at the website for you, but honestly there is not much information for me to make any sort of professional assessment. Hopefully there may be an Australian teacher on our board who could politely knock-knock with some information for you!


I do not understand why they do not have a list of the teaching staff/ballet faculty complete with biographies on the website. It is difficult to consider a school if the teaching staff is not mentioned.


Sorry not to be more helpful.

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