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Guest dancinabbs

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Guest dancinabbs

I have a problem. Lately, I have been getting the correction of when I tendu, frappe, develope, deggage, or anything along those lines, my leg doesn't go toe-in-line-with-toe. Does this make sense? Instead, it goes farther forward. Any advice? I don't think it really has anything to do with turnout, since my turnout is pretty good. Any help to get it to go "toe in line with toe" would be great! :) Thanks!


xoxo ABBE xoxo

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Actually, Abbs, your working leg will go where you place it, since the leg really does not have a mind of it's own even though it may seem that way! :flowers: If you are moving it slightly forward in order to achieve better rotation of that leg, that is not such a bad thing at all. It is also possible that you are using more rotation on the standing leg than you can handle at this moment in time. And, it is also possible that you are not keeping your weight over the supporting leg. That said, most of us have slightly less than 180º with both legs while standing on one leg :)

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