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Slim sizes clothing suggestions: where to buy


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charlotte-Have you tried the long jeans at the Gap? I also have long legs and these are some of the longest ones that I have found. The 0's at the Gap are too wide for my dd though. Most of the 0's at common stores are (American Eagle, Gap, JcPenny's etc.,) are a size 2-4 at other stores!

She has had luck finding long jeans in a ballet size 0 at Aeropostal (?). We have also heard that the pants and jeans from Victoria's Secret are very long.


Levi's classic jeans in slim worked well for my son when he was little.

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Charlotte1755: My non dd is 5'8" and wears a size 4. The ONLY place she can find jeans that are long enough is at Express. She buys the size 4 extra long. She can actually wear her jeans with boots and other heals! I will warn you, they are not cheap. An alternative is to shop at TJ Maxx or Marshalls. They sometimes carry Express jeans, but usually not in the longer lengths.

My dd finally fills out a size 1, but only in LEI's or a few off brand names. The Mudd jeans are still at a 0. She is now 5'5" and has very long legs. She is getting that grown up figure so filling things out is a bit easier now. :wink:

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Boy, can I relate.

My daughter is 19, about 5'8" and in the last couple of years has finally graduated to a 3, sometimes 5, depending. A place called "Buckle" has some jeans with inseams at 36" !! They have store locations in our area but they also have a website online. I believe it's Buckle.com. Their jeans are expensive and many come sized using the 24", 25" 26" waist system. BUT, if you need long, it works. One popular name brand my daughter likes is "Silver".


Also, finally just tried Victoria's Secret online. Their clothing quality is

surprisingly good and the jeans are available in lengths to 35" and some may go to 36" but can't remember for sure about that.


It always just feels so good to find a place where pants are actually long enough.

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Thanks everyone for the suggestions - We have Buckle and Victoria Secrets at our mall. She is wearing Express jeans now, but still they are a little short. I got really desperate the other day - we went into Nordstroms and she tried on "Sevens" (sp) brand jeans and they did fit and I bought them for her. I do not want to even say how much they were!!!!! Got to find cheaper ones!! I will take her to Buckle and hopefully they will be cheaper and fit. I hear Pacific Northwest likes tall dancers so maybe her long legs and height will land her an acceptance in their SI!!!!!!

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I didn't know Victoria's Secret sells jeans. Thank you for telling us! :wink: Does anyone know if they carry size 0? My 19 year old daughter is almost 5'6". Express jeans work for her if they're long but she's been wearing the same brands (LEI, 5-7-9, Express) for so many years that it would be nice to find a different brand. Most of the name brand (Gap, Limited, American Eagle, etc.) are still too big for her.

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Victoria's Secret has size 0 jeans. The sizing chart has a 0 with a 23.5 inch waist, size 2-24.5 inch waist. The pair of jeans I pulled up came up to a 34" inseam. There may be more that are longer I didn't have a chance to check.


A friend of mine is a former ballet dancer and she wears the VS suits to work. She said that they were the only ones small enough to fit her.


At least now they make slim and long jeans. I remember growing up and never being able to find jeans long and small enough to fit me. I think one of the reasons my dd doesn't like to shop is that it is so difficult to find clothes to fit her.

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My daughter is very slim. The brands MAVI and MISS SIXTY (size 24 waist) run very slim and fit nicely. Also, the brand So Low, which are elastic banded pants and skirts run in XXS. The website for So Low is www.solowbrand.com. Happy shopping!



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Not all the VS stores have clothes, but they have an online site. Also, check out Ebay for VS clothes. I've bought my pants on Ebay for a fraction of the regular cost :)

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Aeropostale has some really long jeans.... I usually buy a Long in most stores but the regular length at Aeropostale is actually really long. They also carry some pretty small size 0 and up.....hope that helps~

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American Eagle carries long jeans, but only online. I was able to find size 0 Long, which is next to impossible in most stores! Go to www.ae.com. I hate having to pay shipping, but if they fit (we'll know on Christmas Day) it's worth it. Also, for non-denim pants, Express carries "editor" pants that fit absolutely everyone! They fit my tall, thin daughter perfectly, and a shorter, slightly overweight girl at my office says the same thing about them. I really do think they fit everyone. Now if my daughter still worked there and got the discount, we'd be set!

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Not a Mom/Dad, but I have gone through the same problems! My best luck was with Lucky Jeans. They are pretty pricey, so i wouldn't reccomend them for thoes who are still growing (80-100 for the pairs I have) They size like guys pants, so you pick your inseam and waist instead of a number. Its really nice, and even if I didn't need the length, i'd probably buy them anyway! They are always really cute. I am sure they have a website, and in some higher end malls they have stores. You can also buy a few styles at The Buckle, but not very many. Also, J Crew has Tall sizes that have a 35 inch inseam I think, and are recommended for people 5'9-6'0. They come in 0-2's also. So thoes are just a few places I have always shopped for thoes hard-to-fit years!

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When shopping for Christmas presents this year, I found that the American Eagle & Aeropostale brands fit too large for my dd. She usually wears a 0 now, or even a 1 (yay!) but even the smallest size at those stores was way too big. I did manage to find some nice Duck Head jeans at Goody's, which came in short, medium or long lengths. And they were quite a bit cheaper (about $18 on sale) than most of the other brands in her size.

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Aeropostale must have recently changed their sizing. Dd went shopping yesterday and went to Aeropostale. She normally buys a 0 long there. She said that all of the 0 jeans were huge!

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