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Slim sizes clothing suggestions: where to buy


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If any of you have a Pacsun near you, they have great jeans in 00 and they come in short, reg, and long. The brand name is 'Tilt' and on occasion they can be found discounted elsewhere but not in the specialty sizes.

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*knock Knock*

Thanks for this thread! It's a really helpful one for frustrated shoppers. I just got some size 0 pants at Express (on sale for 30 bucks!)and they're totally long enough (I'm 5'6"). I love the colors there too! Do they have 00? I didn't see any (though the 0 is close enough for everyday wear, a 00 might fit nicer)


The only jeans I have that fit like a glove are Ralph Lauren. I lucked out and found some at Filene's Basement for $80. The tag said they retail at $300 (no chance in hell I can get a pair at that price). They look really fantastic...They are a size 4. Sadly, I think I'd look better in a 2 now, but they still hang really well. I always get compliments on those jeans.


Elie Tahari pants fit great on a 'ballerina" body, but I don't think they'd be a good choice for a teen who's still growing. They're pricy...but if you're in NYC, you can find great deals at Century 21 (and, actually, Filene's Basement) on higher-end clothes. The higher end is usually cut slimmer (and better). I'm glad I bought a bunch of clothes before spending all my money on ballet lessons. Too bad none of it fits anymore.

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Found these jeans and thought I'd share the link.



I'm looking for cords and khakis for dd. Size 00-0 and inseam 33-34 in.

Any help is appreciated. I've checked the sites and brands listed above. If I find something I'll let you know.


So far I've found some on sale at Victoria's secret and these at a surf shop



Both are a bit out of my price range. She grows so fast I'd like to keep it below $30. :) I know it sounds crazy.


We've had good luck with TJMax but unfortunatly they no longer sell online. The nearest one is 45 min away and by the time you figure gas and stopping to eat, wandering around the mall, picking up a little something at Claire's ect.... I could've bought a pricier pair online and still saved money.

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Great thread. My DD has the same problem, she can fit into a child size 12 in the waist but it looks like she is wearing capri's. lol We found a 5-7-9 store on vacation in colorado and she tried on 00's. they fit perfect. LEI brand was the best, but...some were way to low! she had to try on all the styles in the store to find just the right waist height. We have since found this store close to home. Ballerina bodies are difficult aren't they?

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LEI pants are still the best fit and most widely available 0's my now 20 year old daughter has found. Even better, they're relatively inexpensive and can be found in Filene's at malls everywhere (well, at least here in the northeast, don't know about other parts of country). When she was younger and wore 00's, the only choices that really fit her were LEI and 5-7-9, both of which offer an array of cords and khakki's.


Express pants of all types fit daughter well in every way except the price tag. Luckily, the other name brands (American Eagle, GAP, etc.) are still usually too large. Certainly, they cost too much for her.


Interestingly, thrift shops have always been a really good source for such slender sizes because many teens pass through 00 and 0 before reaching their adult sizes. Daughter has had much luck buying these sizes over the years in used clothing stores.

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Guest ivy'smama

Gap also now carries longs in jeans. We have always had to shop Express for longs because my daughter is 5'9" and wears a size 2 at the largest (depending on the style of jeans). She has a 36" inseam. Unfortunately, Gap and Express jeans both run about $65-$70 a pair here. By the time we finally find jeans that fit, I usually don't care what the price is. I'm just ready to go home!!!!

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Not a parent but I have the exact same problem. 12 slims are too short on me and 14 slims are too big. I'm 15 and I'm only 5', so thats part of the problem. I've tried on a lot of different kinds including AE, Gap, etc, but all the 00's were too big! I finally got a pair of LEI size 0 that fit from a friend who outgrew them. They fit wonderfully, but I can't find them in stores, it's really annoying.

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We were getting jeans from here http://www.delias.com/ but the 00 & 0 only come in 30" inseam. She's grown 4" since last fall so we're on the hunt again. Dancinginthesnow, the Delia's pants might work. DD perfered the fit of the slimmer stlyes and there for a while we had to boil them to shrink them to size. That practice also made them shorter so we had to stop doing that after a few inches went by.


I did find a pair of Glo jeans and a pair of khakis at Kohls.com in 0 with a 34" inseam. The khakis are really stone color and I got 3 pair. If they fit I'm going to dye two of the pairs so she'll have more variety.

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Knock Knock...since dancing-in-the-snow replied I though I could too.

I am 14 and about 4'11" tall. I wear a 12 slim in pants, and I would like to say that although they are pricey, Abercrombie Kids usually has slim stretch jeans that fit perfect. Actually finding stretch jeans in a slim size was a miracle.....my mom bought 3 pairs!

Also, Nordstrom's sells the brand "Seven Jeans" which are made extremely slim, as in a size 12 legnth having a size 7/8 width.

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I don't post often, but this was a topic I could relate to.


My daughter is just shy of 5'4" with even proportions. Her waist is 23-24 inches and her inseam is nearly 30 inches. DD's pants size varies greatly, she has size 12 slim and regular, size 10 (capris), and size 14 slims in her closet! Even the 14's are getting to be too short. She has tried on some size 0 pants in brand name stores, but they looked 2x the size of her 14 slims on her :yes:. She has a pair of capris with a 24 inch waist that fit nicely.


DD wants to order some jeans from a Delias catalogue. We were wondering if the size 00 or size 0 would be equivlant to a kids 14 slim. The size 00 might be too slim... And my DD prefers a relaxed fit. Thanks!

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Guest dancer522

Charlotte - has your daughter tried Hollister? They sell longs, regulars, and shorts, but they're long to begin with: the regular length inseam is 32 1/2 inches and the long length inseam is 34 1/2. I'm 5'6" with pretty long legs, and I'm usually a size 0, and I wear a 1 regular there, and those are actually too long for me! They come in sizes 0-11. The website is www.hollisterco.com. They're owned by Abercrombie, but less expensive, and despite what you may think, they actually have a lot of jeans there that aren't ripped up!

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Guest dancer522

Sorry, I completely forgot that I was in the Parents Forum when I posted! Feel free to delete my comment if you have to, but I just realized that two other girls posted on this thread too. :shrug:

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Guest afroballet01

*Knock Knock*


I am a teen,I don't have the same problem of having to find jeans that are long enough and small enough,but I do have the problem of having a well ebdowed derrier and thighs.So for jeans to fit over those,they are too big around.


I have found that stretch jeans work the best because they can stretch enough to fit all over below the hips and not be too big on the hips.These may help your DDs if they have trouble finding jeans that are always too big.


- Tilt

- Express

- Aeropostale


^ All of these jeans are generally (from what I have seen/tried on) sized big.I am usually a size 3 or 5 in jeans,and in these brands I am always a size 0 or 1.


I would definately agree that LEI jeans are good for slim people - I bought a size 5 around Christmas last year (when I was smaller than I am not),and now they are WAY too small,and I am not near a size 7.

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DD wants to order some jeans from a Delias catalogue. We were wondering if the size 00 or size 0 would be equivlant to a kids 14 slim. The size 00 might be too slim... And my DD prefers a relaxed fit. Thanks!


DD says the 00's from Delia's are slimmer in the thighs than 14 slims.

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