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Slim sizes clothing suggestions: where to buy


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Whoa! I see this thread has been resurrected by more frustrated shoppers. I also see that my dd has grown over 5" since I started this thread about 18 months ago! It has actually gotten much easier to find clothes that fit since she's had the growth spurt, maybe because it's a little easier to fudge the sizes LOL. I'm also glad to hear from some of the older, taller teens, since it appears she is headed in that direction... just over 5'5" at just-turned 13. :)


I would say the 00s from Delia's are very close in length to a 14 slim, but they are definitely cut slimmer throughout. DD usually prefers a 0 or 1 because she doesn't like them too closely cut. Stretch jeans, she usually prefers the larger size, non-stretch she usually prefers the smaller size.

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When my dd was younger (and shorter) we had luck with slim cut pants from GAP and also Talbots, which I favored as we prefer more modest attire. Now my 12 yo is about 5'6" and more fashion-conscious. We've had luck with size 0 from j. crew and ambercrombie. At times, we've been able to find stuff on sale to keep the price down, but at times between what she likes and I agree on, I'm happy to buy anything that fits! At some retailers, size zeroes, however, make her look like she's wearing jodphurs - fit fine in waist and length but major room in the hips! :yes:

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We just spent major shopping ours looking for jeans to fit dd. Not many 00 in the stores in our limited area but we did have luck at JC Penny. She tried on every 0 in the store and found 2 pairs that fit and 2 that can be slightly modified. Some brands vary from one pair of jeans to the next in their sizing, depends on who is sewing the pair I guess. :blink:

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