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Question For Victoria Leigh

Guest Dancebee

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Guest Dancebee

Hi! I am new here. I have a Ballet Intensive question...I know that not all programs are created qual, but what advice do you have for 2 programs in particular...maybe you can't comment-but from personal knowledge:

Harid Conservatory in Florida or Suzanne Farrell Cedar Island Program? No one knows much about either, but everyone wants to go to these programs. :clapping:

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Hello Dancebee, and welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers. Since this is the welcome forum, and strictly the place to introduce yourself, I'm going to move this post to the Young Dancers' forum, where the questions go :D

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Okay Dancebee, this topic is now in Young Dancers. If I have put it in the wrong age group, please tell me and I will move it.


(By the way, I edited your title. As a teacher, I am addressed here as Ms. Leigh.)


I cannot offer personal comments on programs. This would not be ethical, and also I do not have first hand experience with either program. My suggestion would be to figure out whether you wish to have the type of training offered at Harid, which is Vaganova and French, or Suzanne Farrell, which is strictly Balanchine. There are, of course, other differences to consider, especailly in the Cedar Island program and all other SI's. Cedar Island is quite different. However, this information is available here on Ballet Talk in the 2003 SI Survey forum. You should be able to find quite a bit of info on both programs.

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