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I figured I'd start a new one, since the old ones are pretty old.


I took an Intermediate class tonight (my usual level is Elementary) and my balances were demonic! Sur le cou de pied for 16 counts--nailed, retire front for 8 counts-- nailed, retire back for 32 counts --nailed (with arms in high 5th!), attitude back croise, ditto. (You're getting the idea, right?)


You know what was really strange? Dead, dog tired, legs felt like lead. Maybe I was so tired I couldn't do any of my bad habits.


Anyways. Wanted to also remind everyone that we should crow about exciting (and probably totally anomalous) breakthroughs, as well as perfectionizing all the details.


Edited to add: Do you think it's because I finally noticed that the mirrors in the big studio REALLY ARE skinny mirrors?

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Sounds like you had an "on" night!!

Wish we could bottle it and sell it-we'd be rich!!

Clara :shrug:

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Guest kristinene

OK, I'll add in!


Last night my instructor complimented our entire class. When she arrived in the fall she would give combinations and we would just fall over ourselves and each other in an attempt to get a few of the steps. Last night we all got through an insane and fun petit allegro and she was so pleased with our progress... :wink:

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I've been noticing that at my place too kristinene, not only is the whole class (there's a real core group) getting compliments but we're getting the ultimate compliment: harder stuff!

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