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Arched lower back

Guest dancingforever

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Guest dancingforever

My lower back is VERY arched. Even when I tuck (which I don't do when I'm dancing, but just to stretch out), there is an arch! :wink: I work really hard on pulling up and holding my abs in, but one of my teachers always says, "Don't arch your back!" I think she thinks I'm trying to arch it, but I'm really not. Is there any way, besides holding in my stomach and trying to think of my back in a straight line, that I can work with this problem? :rolleyes:

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First, think rather than straight, that your back is as LONG as it possibly can be. It won't put you in danger of "tucking" the pelvis too far forward, and you'll lessen the degree of swayback you have.

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How are you on crunches, dancinforever? I do not mean situps, I mean crunches, where you curl up, going vertibra by vertibra and come down slowly reversing the process. You may need a buddy to do it. Sit with your feet under a couch (not the couch stretch discussed in another thread! :D), knees softly bent, hands clutched behind head. Tuck your chin into your chest, then roll up shoulders, then ribs, then lower back until you are sitting up in a curl with the top of your head touching your knee (actually where the knees join into the thighs). Roll down-lower back, ribcage, shoulders. Repeat until you can do no more! Rest maybe 3-5 minutes, Repeat. Rest again, Repeat. As you become more advanced bend the knees more so you will sit with your feet flat on the floor about 4 inches from your buttocks. I would speak with your teacher about this problem and ask her/him for suggestions too. You might also show your teacher this exercise to see if this is really addressing your problem, afterall, your teacher can actually see what your problem is. Let us know how you do!

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Another thing I thought of:

Make sure your ribcage is "closed". Frequently people who have a 'sway-back' are also pushing their ribcage forward. Lift up, keep ribs in line with hips, and think of closing your ribs.

Clara :D


Moderators please delete if I am not allowed to answer :):innocent:

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Guest dancingforever

Thank you all for your answers! I will definitely use all your suggestions--and yes, Clara76, my teacher has a ribcage thing with me too. :D Thanks again! :innocent:

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I had that same problem but when I went to my 1st SI Clara Cravey told me to tighten my butt. It fixed it completely, and it helped my turnout because I wasn't turning out from my hips. Your teacher might not like this. I have noticed that most teachers don't like this at all. Though it doesn't hurt to try. Good luck.



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