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8 yrl old daughter starting ballet....questions

Guest blondy04

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Guest blondy04

Hi everyone,


Thank-you for taking the time to read my post. My eight yr old daughter is beginning ballet this week and I have a few questions.

1. Is 8 a good age to begin?

2. My daughter has very long legs, is this good or bad (was bad in gymnastics)

3. How do I know the school she is beginning in is a good choice? Or does it not matter at this age


She is very excited to begin (she is always prancing around the house)

does anyone have any tips or advice to start us off in the right foot?


She is starting two days a week, 1 hr classes. enough?

And the school is not a trouphy school, they said the concintrate on learning (they do put on show's). Does this sound right?


I am sorry if these questions are dumb, we are new to ballet and my daughter has wanted to do it for so long, want to make sure I am making wise decisions.





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blondy04 AKA Jen - eight years old is the perfect time! I'm sure you'll get many replies to your questions from Miss Victoria Leigh and Major Mel Johnson - as well as others.


I just wanted to welcome you aboard Ballet Alert!'s message board for Dancers (and their parents :wink: )


Meanwhile, I will do a search for some good "threads" also known as "topics" that already exist that will be helpful for you to read. :thumbsup:


Here are two older threads that may be of interest to you - at least down the line if your daughter continues on in her ballet studies: How to Evaluate a (Year Round) School - but worth reading even if it's not a "boarding school: situation and Measuring the Sucess of a Ballet School.


Again, I'm certain you will get some very helpful answers soon.

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And by the way, long legs are really GOOD in ballet.


Just tell your daughter to have a good time, and enjoy.

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Some start earlier, some later... I'm no expert but I think at 8

your (now) DK will be able to give it a try & if it is "the perfect thing" be able to

accomplish what is needed if Dance would be / could be a profession (?).

Just a heads up as a parent... @ some point your DK will be going to class

4 - 6 days a week & then there are rehearsals, performances on top of classes! Auditions for Summer Intensives, can be fun & or an emotional rollercoaster!!

If your DK gets serious & many do, it will be a major focus for parents & dancer

for many years.

Our family is pretty well into it, except our 1 son that doesn't Dance,

he feels a little left out sometimes.

Just a heads up its very involved.

Gotta' love it!!! :yes::wink::D:thumbsup:

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mom2's post is really wonderful. The worst thing in the world en par with a poor ballet school is a "stage mother" (or father!) - and believe me, she is at the perfect age. :thumbsup:

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