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Adult Summer Intensive Study...Again

Guest Lizzie 37

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Guest Lizzie 37

I've read all the previously posted material on Richmond et al, for which I'm most grateful. A few questions...Are any current members planning to attend Richmond or Atlanta ? Any other thoughts on a preparation timeline ? Do's and Don'ts ? A be sure to pack list ? I would be most grateful for any of your thoughts.

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I'm planning on attending ADC for my 4th time this summer. Although I'm a charter member of the alumni association, I only go once a summer, unlike those fortunate souls who manage a couple weeks each year.


Be sure to read the sticky topic "Richmond Survival Guide". It is a valuable source for answers to most of your questions. Richmond is a big city, so anything you forget to pack can probably be purchased once you arrive. ADC students get a discount from Ellman's dancewear store, so you might even wait for some optional items, assuming you are female. Ellman's men's department is almost nonexistent.


When you register, ADC will also send you a new student package with a list of things to bring.


For some reason, I never remember to bring a freezable cold gel, so always end up on a midnight run to CVS.


No matter which intensive you attend, get prepared by taking lots of classes starting now, so you won't run out of gas when faced with all day classes. Don't overdo it to the point that you are on the brink of an overuse injury, or you'll go over the top once you get there.

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Guest Lizzie 37

Dear BarreTalk, my thanks for your reply. Sorry for the delay in acknowledging. Family emergency. I'm increasing the number of classes I'll take each week. It appears I'll attend the first Aug. session. I shall not forget the cold packs! Thanks again .

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Lizzie, I went for the first time last year, and I plan on doing so again (all I need now is my income tax refund).


Prior to ADC, the most I'd danced at any one time was about three hours, in back-to-back classes. I was a bit concerned about whether dancing 9 to 5 at ADC might be too strenuous.


It was indeed strenuous, but not exceedingly so. However, one thing that I didn't expect but for which I'm now prepared: I never knew my toes could hurt as much as they did by midweek. This really put a damper on my desire to go out on the town at night. Instead, I had to be more or less content to stay in my hotel room and soak my feet in ice water.


Although BarreTalk is correct about the dancewear store in Richmond, vis-a-vis dance clothing for men, I was able to avail myself of their extensive line of supplies for dancers' feet. If I had not been able to cushion my toes and separate them from each other and my shoes, I might not have been able to finish the week.

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Guest Lizzie 37

Thanks for the heads up. I'll pack lots of supplies for toes, strains, sprains and blisters. If anyone going to first session in August has specific preferences, I'll try to have extras on hand. I've already made a medical supply rep give me a box of instant cold packs.

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