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Books: The Creative Habit

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Guest kitrisomeday

has anyone read "the Creative Habit, a Practical Guide" by Twyla Tharp?


it's a great book and it really helped me artistically, and...generally


I'm much more...organized...since i read it.. :thumbsup:

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All I got out of it was to have a schedule for your chaos.

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Kitrisomeday, I haven't read that book. Can you give us a little synopsis or review of it, please? It sounds intriguing.

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I haven't read the whole book-just an excerpt and for me, it just reminded me of how really undisciplined I've become since having children!!!! :P:)


Mind you, I discipline them but after a day of that, I am too tired to bother with myself!!!!!!!! :wacko::blink:


Twyla is an amazing woman-Super Woman if you ask me-but her child is her choreography.


The book looks like it'll be helpful to me when my kidlets have flown the coop-until then, if I read it all, I'd probably just feel guilty for all the things I am not doing!


Clara :)

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Is it a dance creativity book? Academic style or more like a novel. If it is academic I would be very interested to know more about it. Actually, I did not find a lot of books about creativity in dance - only some case studies in general books about creativity. :)

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  • 5 years later...

I just wanted to suggest this book to dancers and non-dancers alike. It's basically about prepping yourself and enhancing creativity in your work (be it a dance peice or a project in the office). It's phenomenal. I'm a big fan and just wanted to share. :)

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