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Boston SDP?


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My title pretty much says it.......is anyone going to Boston SDP? I am with a couple of my friends. I am excited!!!!!!!! :D

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Hey! I am going back to Boston SDP for a second year. I had a really great time last summer and learned more than I ever could have imagined. I hope you have a great experience in Boston!

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Guest Bally

Hey! I'm new here...kinda. I actually was on under Twinkletoes a few years back. Its funny to go to the archives and see the things that I posted when I was thirteen! Anyways, :D I'm going to Boston SDP too, if the spaces aren't taken up by the time I get my form. By the way, can anyone tell me about the levels there? I have heard very conflicting things, such as it is primarily by age, or that it is not by age at all, and you can be the oldest in the lowest level and vice versa. Thanks! :)

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Hello. When I attended Boston SDP last year, the levels were not primarily by age. :wub: There are ten women's levels and two men's levels. I was with girls that were the same age as me or only a year or two apart. However, in other levels there were large age gaps. It seems that most people end up with people around their age unless they are exceptionally talented. Boston SDP seems to accept people that are close to the technical proficiency expected for their age and perhaps that is why there are not too many age gaps. B) Sorry if this is confusing. :wacko: I hope I helped a little. :wink: Good luck this summer!

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Guest Bally

No that was perfectly clear! Thanks! :wub: I do have another question though. Do you happen to know how fast it fills up? I sent my deposit today but I'm really scared that the spaces will have all filled up by the time that they get it! Do you know anything about that? B)

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