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I am thinking about taking a class out side of dance. I have been told that Yoga, Tai Chi, and Pilates will help with my dancing. So I will choose on of those three. But I don't know why they will help. Or which one to choose.





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Guest SophieSapphire

I don't know how much Tai Chi will strengthen or stretch, becuase i don't know very much about it. Pilates is very good for dancers, as is yoga. However, if you choose yoga, don't follow their breathing exercises, as they have you breathe from the stomach– that contradicts dance-breathing! Good luck! :wub:

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Pilates is more related to dance I think. Although I have not studied Tai Chi either. I don't care for Yoga at all, and do not find it to have any relation to ballet and some things are contrary. The lotus position, for instance, which is like impossible to do without sickling the feet. :wub:

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Guest dancinsweetie

I can't say that i know much about any of them at all but i do know that in the latest issue of dance spirit there was an article on Tai Chi. I havn't read it, but if you are interested i would suggest getting a copy of the magazine. :wub:

Good luck!

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Both yoga and T'ai Ch'i are at bottom spiritual and philosophical practices which are sometimes manifested in posture and movement. Pilates is a specific physical modality which has a syllabus specifically for ballet dancers.

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I don't know about yoga and tai chi, but I love pilates! It really helps strengthen your core which in turn helps virtually every area of your dancing.

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I don't know much about yoga or tai chi, but I take pilates. I find that it helps a lot. It really helps strenghthen your core. I found that I have gotten alot stronger since I started taking it.

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