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Non-Pointy Shoes

Guest gingembre

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Guest gingembre

Not directly ballet-related, but hopefully something other ballet-minded people will understand...


I was wondering if any women on this board have had success finding street shoes that are comfortable (not sneakers) especially for someone with somewhat wide feet. I can't STAND the pointy-shoe thing, aside from looking silly (in my opinion) they are also uncomfortable. I've had some success finding a rounder and/or squarer toe with boots, though I sometimes run into problems with the calf not being wide enough if they're not ankle boots. However, I'd love to get some shoes I can wear a nice skirt with. In addition to the "box" of the shoe not being pointy, I often find with strappy-sandal types that they cut into my instep (high instep and arches = great for ballet, bad sor street shoes :wub: ) I'm looking for something work-appropriate, in an 8 1/2 W preferably. Any suggestions? :shrug:

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John Fleuvog makes (very funky, I adore them) round toed shoes in all hights and styles. I have a pair of red and cream mary-janes and a very 40's type exagerrated cuban heel mary janes (okay, I have 12 pairs of mary janes) in shades of blue. He also makes punk-ish no/low heel lace ups. I'm pretty sure there's a website for them.


They're moderately pricey, and definitely a little on the wierd side.

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Camper shoes are quite good - sensible but funky and quite affordable. I don't know if you can get them in the States, but you can have a look here:




I'm glad this thread has been posted - I am currently looking for new, sensible but cute shoes!

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Guest gingembre

I must say, the Fluevog shoes are awesome! Not much there I could wear to work though :) I can't get the Camper site to work for me, I'll try again later.


Has anyone used dance shoes - I'm thinking character shoes or maybe flamenco shoes, ballroom shoes rock too but not for work. I've always loved the simplicity of character shoes. I was thinking they might work well if I take them to a shoe repair shop to get soles appropriate for outdoors...

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OK, my new Spring shoes shall be Fluevogs. I'm way overdue for some shoes anyway. Luckily, I'm a professional computer geek so funky shoes, sneakers, flip-flops, whatever, are all work-appropriate :wub:

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Guest gingembre

Zappos website is looking good so far - they have a free return policy good for a year! Lampwick, some Fluevogs are looking good to me too - though maybe not for work :wub: as I work in the financial services sector. I'm going to browse for swing shoes now... I LOVE the saddle shoes with a slight heel.


Forgot to add - Zappos has user reviews of the shoes, so hopefully that will help steer me to comfy wide-enough, no extensive break-in needed shoes. I am *so* tired of wearing only pants to work, especially as the weather is heading towards spring!

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Oh boy. I knew I shouldn't have looked. As if pointe shoes weren't bad enough!


Can you believe I already own SIX pairs of those shoes? I think I really need the red and while Flamers and those heels with the strap across the toe. I also like the 2 strap mary janes...


uh oh.


OK. Edited to add. :wub: The red and white shoes with the flames? They're actually red and pink. And, :ermm: there are three strap maryjanes with 3 teardrops in cream on the toe, 3 inch heels (very comfortable I know because I own that similar pair?


Yes. I now own 8 pairs of Fleuvogs. :innocent:


(But they give me a discount at the store!)

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Guest kristinene

Yikes, a little expensive? But then again...I am a poor student...


For those who need something down a price range I adore a pair of Birkenstocks (yes a bit expensive, but under $100 and quality) I have that look like clogs, but have a rubber sole instead of cork = ok in water. They have that great high arch that feels so great, and they last well.


Got to say though, love the Fleuvog site! What fantastic shoes!

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