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As a male dancer I have noticed that most styles are allmost completely devoted to the female dancer. They have there own little hand, head, and arm movements. I would like to know is it all right to be trained in many different styles mixed together (russian turns and arms, Checcetti's square hips etc.) and not one style such as Russian, Balanchine, or Checcetti. Also is there a style that is more devoted to the male dancer or should I try and be as clean, not stylized, as possible?

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One thing to keep in mind is that there is a difference between teaching methods, which have their own syllabi, and choreographic styles. Methods all have certain things in common; for example, they will all emphasize square hips, straight backs, &c. Methods are generally linked to styles, which play around with arms, heads, and other details. So if you are well-trained in one method, that good training will carry through to any other method you might do; it is just the style that will be different. I hope that makes sense; this issue is complicated and we've discussed it a lot on Teachers--I'm trying to truncate all that into one post! I'm sure Mel will chime in to help clarify.

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It's a very complex question, how to teach men proper technique. Flippy hands and swanny arms are faults no matter who does them in class. It's fine to be trained by teachers grounded in different schools, and you can figure out who wants what in which class. There is no one school which is better for men than any other. Work clean, and you'll be right! :)

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