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can I ever be!!!!!?


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I am a 16 year old, almost 17 male, and I have never really had any "Real" ballet training before but I'm going to be starting in a month or two. My questiopn is this, if i start now is there a chance that I will ever be a professional dancer? I realise that professional is a rather subjective term but I mean, will i ever dance with a "well known" company? I also realise that it does have a lot to do with talent etc, but as a general rule, or past experience, is it possible?



Also, are there any male ballet dancers from Hawaii here?

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Guest Boris

You could probably be, especially if you "bring ballet inside yourself" (I mean that you feel it and love it). I also began at the age of 16 and for not more than a year I had a great development. I don't have plans to become a professional, it is just a pleasure for me, but in fact many boys at my age who study in a professional ballet school are not at a drastically higher level than mine.


It is more a matter of decision and dedication - to be sure that you chose ballet for your future

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Good thoughts, Boris, and, I think, very true ones. There are more boys studying ballet now than there used to be in the US, but still the male dancer is at a premium. Boys can enter study later than girls and still have a shot at a professional career.


And no, there are no male dancers from Hawaii where I am right now. :)

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I would echo Boris, if you want it, of course.


I am almost 18, I started when I was 15, and am confident in my ability to one day get a job should I choose to continue working with such focus.


If I could give you one word of advice it would be this; when people tell you that you are starting late or are slightly behind and need to be catching up, thank them for their suggestion and take it for what it is, a suggestion. I say this because early on I fell into the trap of embodying the need to catch up, not the need to fulfill myself. My dancing became something that wasn’t about me, but about the next thing I needed to do. I was completely out of the moment, too focused on what I thought I should have been.


I am not saying don’t work hard, or don’t give it your all. I am saying, don’t get wrapped up in what you “should be.” We are who we are, and we work with it for it. You have to make it yours.

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Guest Until The End Of Time

If I were you I would get the best training possible right now and get a male teacher. And train 3 to 5 hours a day for 3 days a week for your first year then go 5 days a week your next year.

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... I am saying, don?t get wrapped up in what you ?should be.? We are who we are, and we work with it for it. You have to make it yours.

I think this is wise advice, no matter what your age or ability!

(and I started at 39, dance only for fun, and yet STILL push

myself too much with that dreaded word "should") :D

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Thanks guys.

Yeah, I'll remember to dance for me, not for anyone else.

thanks a bunch, wish me luck!


Until the end of time- 3 to 5 hours a week 3 times a week? that's a lot. you think that's really the bare minumum?

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Actually, a safe minimum/maximum for someone just starting out would be 1½ hours three times a week. That way, you get a good grounding before you push on to more rigorous scheduling.

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