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I'm pretty sure that this summer i'm going to the Rock... i got a scalarship which is cool, i'm 15 and going to be in level 6. I was wondering if anyone was going there or if someone has gone there in the past had any more info. on it... like what the classes are like, how much you dance in the performance (level 6), or anything interesting. Also, are levels by age, like are most 15 year olds in level 6 or does it vary. Thanks :wub:

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I haven't gone to the Rock school, but I did audition and made it in. I will not be going there this summer but people my age made all different levels. I am 14 and was put in level 3x, well my friends who just turned 15 was in put in level 5 so I think the levee's are not done by age, but I am not positive hope this helps.

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BalletDiva - I attended the Rock last year on scholarship and it was an awesome experience. It is such a nurturing environment and the entire faculty is magnificent. Bo and Stephanie Spassoff, the directors, are amazing people. I'm sure I could answer any questions you have if you want to pm me. I hope you enjoy your summer as much as I did if you go!

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Ballet Diva,


I also attended the Rock last summer and it is a wonderful school. I was 13 and in level 3x and this year I auditioned and got level 4. Level 6 is a really good level. Check out the Summer Intensive Feedback Forum for more information.



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Guest ballethoney

Hi! I am going to be attending The Rock this summer too! I'm 13 and will be in level 3x. I have a few questions for anyone who has attended The Rock before: What are the dorms like? Would I be able to connect my laptop to the internet in my room? Are TV's allowed in our rooms? Is the food pretty good? How are the classes? From what I read in the information packet it looks like it will be loads of fun! Thanks for any info! :D

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Ballethoney, have you checked out the SI forum? There is a forum just for surveys from the 2003 programs, and a thread on the Rock should be found there. :D

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