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no ballet for a while

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hi there all of you!!


i haven't been posting here for quite a long time....but, i haven't practised any ballet since beginning november...and for the near future...there will be no ballet for a while.


two years ago, i suddenly had a huge achilles tendon...really strange, but it passed over quite quick. last year, i had pain in the front of my foot during pointework....went to the doctor...got directed to a pt, who gave me a totally wrong stretch-exercise for my achilles (i couldn't walk and dance anymore) and went back to the doctor. she sent me to a sports doctor and out came the story that one of my bones in my ankle joint is too big :wub: no problems last year, i could try dancing with an ankle brace...i took my exam and passed.


until now, i just started a temporary job and got the pain in my achilles...after a few days, it started in my ankle and it's been like that for two weeks now (today was the earliest option to visit the doctor). i can't dance for a while and surgery might be an option. i need to go to an orthopedic doctor (is this the right translation :ermm: ??) and the sporting doctor advised to get a scan done (i already had some x-ray pictures taken last year).


i just feel sad now....i miss the ballet....and i don't know what's going to happen. getting an appointment here with an orthopedic doctor takes a long time and i also have my job at the airport coming up mid-april.


so, i'm on the injured-list as well now, i guess :innocent:



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Skip, i am so sorry to hear about your injuries. Hope you get well soon. :ermm:


It's good to get a few medical opinions when it comes to complicated situations like yours. You really need to understand what's going on... With my problem I found that just knowing exactly what was wrong and how it could get better helped me on the road to recovery.


Best wishes. :wub:

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Oh no, skip! Sorry to hear about your injury.

Sending you good will and wishes from the North east United States (maybe we can all form a web, turn into the only documented case of white magic actually working).

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Skip, so very sorry to hear about this. I do hope you can get to a really good orthopedic surgeon very soon, especially one who is experienced with dancers.

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Guest fastfeets

Skip, I'm really sorry to hear you're having troubles. Hopefully it will sort out soon enough. If it's any consolation, I'll be right there with you missing the ballet classes pretty soon (though for different reasons) Perhaps we can commiserate. :)


well wishes to you, in the meantime.

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thanks to all of you for your nice replies!


fastfeets, i read your topic the other day and congratulations to you!!


ms. leigh, it's hard here to get to a specific orthopedic surgeon that is affiliated with dancers. mostly you get directed from your family doctor. the sports doctor already made a letter for my family doctor and recommended an orthopedic surgeon in particular. i already went to that surgeon once, for my knee problems (which i grew over, eventually). the 'soon'-story is also another part. here in holland, the health care is a little screwed up and there are long waiting lists to get to a surgeon (in whatever section of medicals it is) and then, it takes a long time before the surgery, just because there are so many patients and so few doctors and nurses :P !!


plus, my dad had kind of the same thing in his shoulder joint and that orthopedic surgeon performed the surgery on my dad's shoulder as well!! he's now totally out of pain!!


kateb, you're right about knowing what's going on, because now, i can also explain some things to my colleagues and they help me in whatever way they can to relieve me from some pain (the doc said i could stay and work...) and don't let me do anything that is painful, so, i'm really lucky to have those as my direct colleagues :wacko: !!


thanks again everyone for your nice replies.



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Oh no, Skip.... hopefully you get to the doctor soon and can get it sorted out. While waiting, would it be possible to get a PT or whatever you have in netherlands :( to give you excercises that might alleviate the pain some? Lots of patience and courage to you.

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in a way, i think it would be possible to get to a PT (yes, we have them overhere as well :( !!), but i would need to go to the family doctor for that as well...otherwise, it will not be covered by the social health care system thing here in holland (+ only 18 treatments will be covered and if i need to recover from a surgery...i'd rather have those treatments for that recovery...because a visit to the PT is very expensive to cover yourself and especially when you hardly don't have any money...that's why i have this temp. job where i got all the problems from...although....i think it would have gotten there anyway...just a matter of time).



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update on the appointment with an orthopedic surgeon....i have to wait till april 26th...and then, i'm able to go and visit this particular doctor :P, so, at least i have a date (unfortunately, this was the most earliest option...)



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Skip, sorry to see you on the injured list. My pinched nerve is recovering nicely. Every day I'm feeling better. Achilles are very tricky tendons, women especially. I strongly recommend finding the best Orthepedist and podiatrist you can. Perhaps calling a dance company and find out what doctors they use.

Sending powerful thoughts and good wishes your way....





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An update:


I went to the orhtopedic surgeon yesterday. He also wanted to make new x-rays. So, after walking around in the hospital and waiting, he said that he couldn't see if the bone was bigger in my left ankle-joint than in my right ankle-joint, but he only wanted x-rays of my left ankle :thumbsup: !!


So, to be able to compare both of my ankle-joints, he wants to make a CT-scan. The earliest option to get this done is June 4th :) and then, after a week, I have to come back to the orthopedic surgeon to hear what the result of the scan is.


In the past few weeks, my ankle was okay, until yesterday. The orthopedic surgeon moved it around in various ways and asked me what was hurting me and what was not hurting me.


So, for the moment, no news yet. I keep on going the way I was and when my first allowance is added to my bank account, I'll go and sign up for aquarobic classes!


I'll keep you posted in June!!



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