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Auditions: Letter of Intent?


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Just wondering what exactly a letter of intent should contain. My DD has just learned (along with the other dancers) that this year all dancers need to write this letter before contract renewals come up.

She very much wants to continue with the company. Should this letter contain her desires, aspirations with the company, etc. or just the fact that she would like to stay?

Any AD, D responses would be great, since that is obviously who will be reading this letter. What do you need to hear from a dancer in order to renew his/her contract?

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Usually a letter of intent just signifies that the dancer desires to return next season and dance with the company. The company should also be sending her one that says it's intent is to hire her back.

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Thank you. I just found out that the company will be sending out their letters in April, with dancers' letters due the end of March.

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