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Drinking water after class...


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My teacher says it is bad for you to drink water straight after class - she only lets me drink after about 15 minutes!


Why is it bad, and it it really better to avoid drinking when you finish the class?

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Sorry, Bee, but this is a very old fashioned idea. Dancers and athletes need water during and after exercising. Most dancers have a bottle of water with them all the time. Our students are allowed to drink water as needed, as long as it does not interfere with the class. Most will do it between barre and center, and definitely after class.

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hmm... that's weird. i never keep a water bottle with me during class because i don't feel i need it, but when i used to a long time ago my teacher didn't want us to gulp or drink fast between combinations which i can understand, but not drinking after class? i dont get it

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At my normal classes, I keep a waterbottle with me at all times. I drink from it once or twice during barre, just to keep myself hydrated, even if I'm not really thirsty. During center, I drink from it again whenever I have a chance and feel I need it. As long sa we're not distracted, it's fine with our teacher to take sips whenever. When I'm at auditions though, I can go through even a full class without water. I prefer not to, but I can deal if I don't get as much as I normally do. Part of that is that the amount I drink really varies. Sometimes I can drink a whole Nalgene-type bottle (probably about 32 oz) in a three hour time span, and sometimes the bottle is mostly still full after one class. It all varies on the day. But I know that if I didn't have the option of water at all, I would probably pass out in class, or something.

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That is very interesting...it seems like you would NEED water after class, especially if you have a very difficult one and sweat. Don't you need to rehydrate yourself? :wink:

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Guest dancinsweetie

Sometimes during class I will get a big cramp right under my rib. It makes it really hard to do jumps and I think it is from drinking a lot of water before class. Is this the reason? Is there any way to avoid it?

Thanks in advance for any advise

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Depends. Which side is it? You have ribs on both.

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Guest pointe2dtop

Dancers (or athletes) should replenish their fluids (not a good way to phrase it, sorry) because they sweat during classes and need water to keep them going. I think that too much water when you don't need it may make you nautious or something.

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Thanks everyone!


I guess my teacher says that because she was taught by strict Russian dancers, and the rules they had there were....um, strict.


When I walk out of the class and start gulping water down my throat, she doesn't like it because she says it could be bad for my heart. Weird, as soon as I come out I want water more than anything, but in 5-10 minutes I relax and do not feel such a strong need for water anymore. Maybe that's why?

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That's "nauseous" and a better usage for it is "nauseated". I may not agree with Merriam-Webster on this, but "nauseous" still means "causing sickening disgust". "Nauseated" means "sick at the stomach". Taking great gulps of water anytime can bring on "water heaves" from too-fast drinking. But it is particulary bad to do when highly heated and already puffing from hard work. Drink through a straw or use the squirt cap on the water bottle to limit flow intake.

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