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Don't feel good enough

Guest dancinabbs

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Guest dancinabbs

Lately, during class I've felt I can't be a dancer at all. It feels like everyone else is so much better and I can't do anything. And then someone will be like "Oh, but I wish I had your feet/turnout/body." But that's not all you need to be a dancer, and I want to be one. And I'm always the one with corrections (it seems) and the one who all the teachers pick on (again, that's how it seems). In every class this week I've felt like quitting, but I really don't want to. Does anyone have any help to make me feel better, maybe?


xoxo ABBS xoxo

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don't worry. I feel like that sometimes. Everybody goes through stages. Sometimes I feel like I'm terrible and big and everybody else is better that me, and I con't do anything right. After a while, you all of a sudden start having good classes, and you start to improve, and things get better. It's good to be corrected a lot. Maybe the teachers think you have potential, and that's why they correct you!! I guess what I'm trying to say is think positively!!! Even if you feel really bad and terrible, push yourself do do your best. Chances are, you're not doing as badly as you think you are doing. sometimes, I'm really hard on myself, and I think I did badly, but other people said I did well. Don't give up!! It will get better!!



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dancingabbs, if your teachers felt that you couldn't become a dancer they'd give up paying as much attention to you as they do now. Corrections are GOOD, listen to what your teachers are saying and apply that when you're doing the class. The fact that your teachers are helping you is great: it means they want you to work because it's getting yo somewhere. :)

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Guest dancinsweetie

Dancinabbs- It's true, I'm pretty sure this happens to a lot of people but don't let it stop you. After a while the bad feelings will probably go away. I'm guessing that if your teachers are giving you lots of corrections it means they see potential. You are lucky to be getting so much attention in your classes. When I have bad days it is usually because i havn't gotten any corrections or I feel that a teacher isn't noticing me.

I hope you start feeling better soon!

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I know how you feel. Sometimes even though corrections are supposed to be good, they still don't feel good. When I feel this way I think about a compliment I got on a step and that reminds me that I am good at doing at least one thing. It helps me feel good about my dancing.


Hope this helps :(

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and while everyone knows that corrections are good and beneficial there are some teachers who manage to be mean with them. maybe they aren't intentionally being mean, and their personallity just doesn't click with yours, or what, but sometimes you just have to take a deep breath and bear with it, and try to see the good of the correction in the long run. :(


now after saying all that i must still echo everyone else and say that corrections usually good for you, and meant to improve you and polish you. and everyone has quitting days, but they only make you love dancing more when you're back to normal. :blushing:

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My friend and I are always being corrected. Both being late starters, we thought it was our teacher picking on us, because we knew we have no chance in dancing for a company. When my friend's mum spoke to our teacher about the end of year concert, Miss Alana (our teacher) said that it was a pitty we started so late, because we are good dancers for people who started late, so thats why she corrects us more often, because she wants to see us at our best. (I hope that made some sense!)


I would suggest, just taking a day off, and taking a friend shopping or go to the movies just have a day for you and your friend. Don't do anything 'dancey' just have some fun. It will totally refresh you, and makes you feel better.


And I can bet you, half the people in your class feel the same way, that the teacher is picking on them. Try not to worry to much about it :wub:


Best of Luck.

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dancinabbs, I was always told by my teacher that if he stopped correcting me, that was the time to worry! As a teacher now, I understand his words so much more. Although I would not just stop correcting a student this statement does have some merit. Teachers tend to correct more the students who respond positively to their advice. By this I mean the students who are physically able to comprehend what the teacher is asking them to do.


Do not fret! Go to your teacher, explain how you are feeling at this time and maybe she/he can help you get through this. Maybe you really just need a positive reassuring nod? Sometimes teachers can get so involved in the process that they are forgetful to give the dancer/student time to breath, to process the information intellectually. All dancers, as people are different. But then again, so are teachers!


Looking forward to hearing about your progress!

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