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Ballet schools in Cambridge ,UK


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I know there are some members who live in Cambridge, or at least there used to be. I haven't heard from them in ages.

Since I now have a house near Bury St Edmunds, (but actually still work 140 miles in Manchester..no I don't commute, I have to work up here and then travel down every other weekend) I think it is high time I found a school in Cambridge/Bury St Edmunds. There actually seem to be quite a few that cater for adults..which makes a change. but I was hoping someone who had first hand experience of them may be able to point me in the right direction.

I would like to try the Cambridge University ballet class, but as I am not a member of staff/student there I am not sure if I could go....


Any help would be appreciated.





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I don't know anything about classes in Cambridge, but I do know that members of the public are allowed to take class at the Bristol Uni Students Union. We just pay more, but it's still pretty cheap!! Best way to find out is to call/email the head of the Dance Society (if that's how they're set up), and they'll let you know if you can go or not.


Good luck


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Hi Jeanette


According to their website (http://www.cam.ac.uk/societies/ballet/), non-University members can take classes with Cambridge University Ballet Club. They do loads of classes every week, which cost between 50p and £2. Slightly better than Manchester, then!


Check out this site, too -




There's details of the Russian Ballet School on there, who also run adult classes.


Hope that helps!



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You should try Dance East's website.


Bury St Edmunds is 27 miles from Ipswich where Dance East organises adult ballet, advanced ballet and contemporary classes, not to mention a year round programme of dance performances, which has no equal outside London.


Dance East is a very exceptional - and well led - organisation which also organised last year's very successful 'rural retreat' of artistic directors from 26 ballet companies from around the world to discuss 'Ballet in the 21st century'

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Guest rebekah

Hi Xena, i lived in Cambridge until quite recently and used to go to the King Slocombe School of Dance, it in the centre of town, right by the bus station. The owner of the school is Miss Pilgrim, and she has had adults students, including myself. She let me start in Grade 5 after a few months of lessons, and before I left I was in Pre-elementary, which was a huge challenge!


There is also BodyWorks school, which does ballet too, but they are better known (at least locally) for their contemporary and modern dance. And some others, see this website:




Good luck finding somewhere to dance! xx

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Hi rebekah, Thanks for the information :thumbsup: what syllabus do they follow at King Slocombe?

Thanks Brendan for that info...ohhh so much choice suddenly!! Why is that? you wait ages and ages and search and search and ask everyone and then you kind of decide to get on with your life as best as you can..then suddenly ballet classes pop up for adults all over the place..just goes to show doesn't it? never ever give up looking for that perfect school....it really is out there.

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