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Really excited

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i'm really excited, I have just managed to find a place that does contemporary adult dance and its only about 100m from where I live (in Manchester as I do manage to live in two places, the other being Cambridge!). As I had just moved to this new place I had no idea it was even there, but yes there is an Arts centre, all new and shiny. I'm going to ring them tomorrow and see if it is really true and then I will be really excited. I know its not ballet, but it is dancing, and I have to dance. Actually, I have never done contemporary before, so maybe my excitement is a bit premature. But just had to share.

I'm all fidgety now.. :wub:

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Xena, that is great. Contemporary is brilliant fun (can I say here that it can be more enjoyable than ballet? :(:blushing: ) - being good at ballet will help you settle in really fast. Hope you make it to classes!

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Congratulations, Xena!


I think that as a ballet dancer you will bring a lot to the party!

My ballet teachers are a couple of former Bolshoi soloists who are

VERY traditional when it comes to ballet; yet just two weeks ago

I saw them perform a contemporary piece by a young choreographer

and mutual friend of ours. It was stunningly beautiful... and I think

all the more so because of their attention to line and detail, as well as

the tremendous atheleticism they bring from their ballet training.

So, I'm sure the folks at this new studio will enjoy having you in

their midst, and hopefully vice versa!


And what a gift to be able to dance only a short walk from home!

I'm 45min (by car) from home and a hot bath when I stumble out of class...



Do keep us posted on how it goes, OK?

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Guest beckster

That's great news Jeanette! That's the problem with moving house a lot - it takes awhile to get to know somewhere and to find all the options available for dance. It is a shame that so few local dance schools have webpages.

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Good luck with the contemporary. I too think you will enjoy it. Personally, I think contemporary, or as we say modern, class is both more fun and more interesting than ballet class, also more demanding in that the torso is used more and the shapes are not standardized.


I my modern class, almost everyone takes ballet class or has taken ballet class for a long time. Depending on the teacher’s style, modern class can almost seem like kind of a ballet class without the barre. I think contemporary or modern and ballet go together very well.

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I am still so excited, i will try and explain how last night went...it was all a bit bizarre..in a good way.

So I turn up at the Arts Centre and ask reception which was to the contemporary dance class..and they kind of look at me blankly....not a good start. It turned out that the contemporary class was on the Tuesday not the wednesday...my fault for not checking earlier in the week with them..but they do say there is a ballet class on at 7-8ish and I should come back for that.


ok, I thought ballet.....I wasn't getting my hopes up and I sort of thought, yikes i have no ballet gear, no shoes nothing.

Anyway back I came around 7, recpetion pointed me in the direction of the 'dance room' as they call it and as I walked downt he stairs I could not believe the wonderful sight that greeted me there...it was huge! The dance room was in fact the size of a grand ballroom, beautiful new floors, great lighting, tempertaure perfect, grand piano in the corner loads and loads and loads of room. then I went into the changing area and was greeted by smiles and just general good feeling. I thought i had landed in heaven, I was liek a cheshire cat..grinnnign form ear to ear,and here were adults some in full ballet gear others in kind of jazzy style, some in T-shirts.

There was only one man in the group but was so smiley and carefree, in fact everyone was. I didn't get a bad vibe from anyone. best of all I had so much space. there were probably about 10 of us there and you could have had another 20 without feeling pressed for space.

I didn't feel awkward/ out of place, I honestly felt as though I had been going to that class for years, thats how welcoming it was.

the bizarre bit of the story other than being prepared for a contemporary class , was that two reporters from BBC radio 4 were there to do a piece on adults esp women taking up ballet. one of the reporters took the class with us and the other was recording it. Then after class she asked us all questions about our experiences as adults and what it was like and allthe usual questions. i must admit, being as passionate as I am about adults having as much opportunity to learn ballet as children do, I did ramble on for well at least half an hour...i wonder if she knew I had only just started in that class that day?


So maybe if you are able to, listen to Womens hour on Radio 4 today at 10am....I may not get a chance to. Then again, maybe they will edit me out! :wink: You've got to laugh really..what a night..i was hyped and still am about what a lovely place it is.


Yeah for ballet.....

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Ughh i'm going to be really embarrassed..i was out of breath for half of the questions and I bet I just spoke complete rubbish! no change there then! :D:wink:

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Guest beckster

Wow jeanette, I'm so pleased you've found somewhere for ballet. It sounds wonderful!


And I will be listening to the realplayer link, just as soon as I have time ...

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A ballet class in Manchester? In a huge, beautiful studio? Where I wouldn't be the only guy in class? Why the heck have I only just found out about this...?! Jeanette - give me a call and let me know the details. I'll PM you my number.

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I just listened. Even though they said you were out of breath, it was a really nice, positive piece about learning dance as an adult. It's great you've found somewhere so friendly! I think you should still try contemporary though.

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That was sooo embarrassing :wink: for those that haven't listened..please don't..it is too funny for wrods. They interviewed me and a few others from the class, but they only had this older lady on and me, and after the piece, the broadcaster said "and do note that the younger woman was more out of breath than the older woman" my husband thought it was terribly funny :P I am just embarrassed and think I am now totally unfit and unhealthy and better go see a doctor asap! I do have a whole string of excuses for my defence..,but what can I say now.....? sigh :grinning::rolleyes:

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