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Better Odds for Male Dancers???


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I just read a post on the Ballet Moms & Dads where the author stated that boys, although they face different obstacles than girls, have a far better chance of a successful dance career IF they stick with their training until end of high school or later.


Is this really true?? Is it reality?? Any comments from the parents of boys?? :(

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I think from the law of supply and demand boys do have it easier. I think that is where it ends. It's still really hard to get a job with the top companies or even good regional companies male or female.


The bar keeps getting high for the men as well. It used to be if a guy was breathing, could partner and point his toes... I used to call those u-haul it ballets. First the guy would haul her here and then the guy would haul her there. Now there are more guys that dance, start earlier and are better trained. At one time there were 15 guys in my son's Sat morning men's class. Most who are old enough are dancing some ballet, some disney and some cruise lines.

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dancemomCA...Yes I have to agree that some boys who continue with their training through High School have a better chance for a professional career. The technical level has sky-rocketed in the last 10 years or more and the boys that have the better opportunities are the ones who are physically endowed with good feet, turn-out, musicality (just like the girls) and who show good potential for partnering (training the key here). I do think their odds for a career are better(particularly in smaller regional companies) even though there are far fewer spots available for them as compared to the ladies. From what I've experienced over the years the level of dancing expected of men in regional companies is

'lower' compared to what is technically expected of the women. This seems to be changing somewhat. The principals and soloists 20 years ago are the equivalent to the level of corps dancers today...so I think the competition is extremely tough especially in the larger companies. Tango

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Yes, the numbers of men are up, but we are still fairly inundated with women in ballet, not that that's a bad thing! The increased supply of male dancers of accomplishment is driving the technical level of many companies' male contingent up, especially in the area of original choreography. It also makes the revival of more difficult ballets with larger male corps, like "Choreartium" and all its air turns, possible. And that IS a good thing!

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Yes Mel, these accomplished male dancers (coming increasingly from outside the U.S.) are most certainly lifting the expected technical level highter then ever for males. I guess training is the key as to what the odds are of success in finding a first job. After that it's perseverence and consistency that keeps you there. I've never heard of "Choreartium"...is it modern/contemporary?

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"Choreartium" is a ballet to Brahms' Fourth Symphony by Leonide Massine. It was one of the most notable of his works during his "symphonic ballet" period. It was premiered in 1933.

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Thanks for the description Mel. Wow, are there any ballet's that you are not familiar with...you are so well versed and knowledgable in this subject! Thanks again.

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I do have to say that more of my male students have found success in finding a career than my female dancers. Almost all who continued to top levels have done so, but I am sorry to say the percentages for girls are quite different. As was mentioned above, supply and demand. This is not only in dance but in showbusiness overall.

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