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Guest jen72

Hi everyone,


I am so glad I have found this website! We are new to the world of ballet and all of the posts have been reading have been very informative! My daughter has just begun ballet. She is starting at two days a week and loves it and cannot wait to add even more days to here schedule!

My question is: At her level most of the class is dedicated to streching & flexabilty. She is sore (but not complaining). Do I keep streching her everyday when she is still sore or do I give her a day or two to rest her mucles? The teacher wants her to keep streching at home, and my daughter is very serious about this, but I dont want an injury so early on!


Thank-you!!! :(

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Hello Jen, and welcome to the Moms and Dads forum here on Ballet Talk for Dancers! :D


You did not mention the age of your daughter, but as a beginner the main thing for anyone to know is to only work on the things you are VERY sure of how to do correctly! Most beginners need a couple of years before they really have enough understanding of what they are doing to be able to practice on their own, even stretching. But, if you both understand it and know that you are doing it correctly, then a bit extra outside of her classes certainly would not hurt. :wink:

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Guest jen72

I am sorry, I forgot. She is almost 9. They want her to just work on the basic's, sitting down and reaching for her toes, things like that....

If she is sore from class, should I give her a break to recover or keep streching everyday?



Thank-you! :D

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I think at that age, maybe best to not push it. A little bit of daily work, if she wants to do it, might help, but just the basic simple things that she knows how to do. A little unusual, actually, for them to be sore at that age. She might have tight hamstrings, and those need to be stretched a lot....BUT very, very slowly and carefully!

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