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Several Summer Intensive Options


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This summer, I am going to have some difficulty making classes at my regular school because the school moves the classes up an hour and half which tends to conflict with my work schedule. However, If I want, I have a unique opportunity to take a summer intensive at a local fine arts college (also because of my work schedule). I am contemplating several options and would like feedback, especially in light of the fact that I will have had 1 year of ballet training at that time. I currently take ballet 3-5 days/week and take random pilates and yoga classes, as time permits. I want the course of action that is most realistic while allowing me to improve as much as possible.


Option 1: I could take 3 1/2 hours a day, 4 days a week for 6 weeks (basically two extended ballet classes) at the college for $490 (the money is relevant as it relates to the third option - If I did this, no Adult Dance Camp for me). One class would be within my skill level, and the other class would probably be pushing the envelope a bit. My only concern is that this may be too much for me, given the fact that I will have only been dancing for 1 year. Also, I will not be able to go to my regular school.


Option 2: I could take an hour and 45 minute class/day, 4 days a week for six weeks at the college for $288. My biggest concern with this is ending up in a class covering the stuff I have already learned. While I see huge benefits in working on the fundamentals ALL THE TIME, I also want to build on the foundation I am establishing this year during this summer. If I did this, I would probably take a fifth class at another school, if not more.


Option 3: Go to the Adult Dance Camp (probably in June), spend more money than I have but have a great deal of fun, and then take random classes in the city as my schedule allows.

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Yes. I found out about Columbia after doing extensive research looking for classes at my ability level in Chicago. My school only offers three beginning classes a week, and I was looking for a fourth class. I take a Ballet I class with the students there. If a class is not full, then community students can take a class their for $12/class or $11 with a card. This is pretty comparable to other schools.


To really go off topic, I have some mixed feelings about the school. At first, I questioned the quality of training in ballet I would get at a school that emphasizes modern so much, but I feel like I am getting pretty good instruction. (At this point, it is better than nothin'). They seem to do a good job of helping me to understand the physiology of a movement or position. As an adult, I find this incredibly helpful for gaining both an intellectual and physical understanding of things like placement, etc. I am getting a better grasp of the fundamentals there. I keep notes for all of my ballet classes, and I always have a very full sheet after a class at Columbia.


At times, however, classes can sometimes feel a little disjointed and sometimes lack the professional atmosphere I feel at my other school. A few (not all) of the student can sometimes be so disrespectful toward the teacher. You would never see anything like that at my other school. Taking class at a college just has a very different culture from a professional school, but I am learning to appreciate the benefits from both contexts.

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Just wondering if someone could give me feedback for the post I posted earlier this week. In a nutshell, I just want to know if it is realistic for someone who has only been dancing for a year to take 14 hours of ballet/week for six weeks as a summer intensive.

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No, it is not one of the Great Ideas of Western Civilization.

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I can tend to be a little on the ambitious side (which is why I wanted some reality testing from the forum), but even I am not quite ready to take on the entire Western world. :D Thanks for providing a response.

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