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Guest jen72

Hi all,


Does anyone have any suggestions? My daughter is new to ballet and young, only 9. But she loves magazines, and wants a subscription to a ballet magazine. It seems like they are all geared toward the older more professional dancer, which I can understand. But does anyone have a recommindation on what mag might be interesting for a girl of her age, even though it its not geared for a girl her age???

Or mabey this doesnt exist? Something for mom maybe, to help her with?





Jen :wub:

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Most of the younger teens seem to like Pointe Magazine a lot. :wub:

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Ms. Leigh,


I have heard of something called Young Dancer, but never seen a copy on the newsstand, even here in NYC. What is it, do you know? Pointe has nice pictures to look at , but still a little grownup for my 10 year old, who would also love a magazine...Any other thoughts?

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I believe that Young Dancer is geared toward the 8-14 year old age group and, though I have not seen it one newsstands, I know you can subscribe online. Dance Spirit would also be good for this age group, though both focus on all dance forms and not specifically ballet.

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I've often thought this was a niche waiting to be tapped. I've not seen either Young Dancer or Dance Spirit, so cannot comment on them. Both Pointe and Dance are really too "old" for a 9-year-old, even a very good reader. The content is just not targeted to that age.

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Weirdly, I just found a copy of Young Dancer in the waiting room at Harkness Dance Clinic, where I just took my dd to have her feet looked at by the orthopedist (I will report back about that on pointe forum). My daughter thought it was a little baby-ish, a little too silly and not enough stuff about ballet. When they say dancer, they mean, tap, jazz, modern, whatever, as well as ballet, so it's pretty broad. Lots of colorful, fun photos, few pages. But, Lo! My dd didn't want it when I asked her whether she would like a subscription! Instead, a minute later she brought me Pointe and asked if she could have that instead! So, as usual, it seems all things lead back to Victoria's advice! :wink: (I think we need a salaaming smiley for Mel and VL, don't you?)

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My 10-year-old has a subscription to "Dance" and "Young Dancer". She enjoys the beautiful photos in "Dance" and the articles generally are not at all over her head. "Young Dancer" is kind of a "so what" magazine -- neither of us have been too thrilled with that one. msd

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Dance Spirit is geared much more to the ballet/tap/jazz and competition crowd than it is to a pre-professional ballet student. But yes, it would suit a pre-teen involved in that kind of training.

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Just wanted to offer: we have sample issues of Young Dancer in the lobby of my school, if anyone would be interested in one, I would be willing to send it to you.

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Guest probablydancin

does anyone know the website to subsrice to young dancer online? and is there a way to subscribe to pointe online? and the same with dance magazine.

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My favorites are Dance magazine and Pointe. Young Dancer and Dance SPirit are more for all types of dance, and I prefer those that focus on ballet. I do have one Dance spirit issue though, for Dec. 2003, that focuses on Balanchine and tells how he created his Nutcracker. I love that one. But other than that...go for Dance or Pointe.

By the way, for age references, I just turned 13, but many 11 and 12 year old friends enjoy the magazines as well.

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Dance Spirit has a website www.dancespirit.com where you can preview parts of the magazine. As stated above it is geared towards multiple dance types, not just ballet. It is very American focused. It contains a lot of information about competitions. It also provides a directory of summer intensives.


Dance Magazine's site is www.dancemagazine.com. Young Dancer and Pointe are also available to order on the site. Dance Magazine is a more international magazine, focuses more on ballet and modern and spends time on performances and professional dancers.

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