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I have a hard time closing into fifth front. I know to pull up in my legs but I feel like I am pulling up already. I am slightly over extended and it seems like thats the problem. Does being over extended effect closing into fifth? And if so, do I just bend your knee a little to let the leg slide into place or is there something I can do?



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I just moved this to YD 13-16. If it is not the right forum for the original poster, please let me know and I will move it again.


Anyway, when your legs are hyperextended it is indeed hard to get into a good fifth when closing the leg front. You have to be very lifted out of your back leg, and you may need to leave a tiny space, TINY is the keyword here, between the toe of the back foot and the heel of the front foot. It's important NOT to bend the knee when closing into a straight fifth position. The best thing is to be very sure that you are totally up out of the standing leg and LIFTING into the fifth, not coming down into it. The weight of the body must NOT be in the heels but very forward to do this. This is something your teacher needs to work with you on individually.

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so it is better to leave a space than to bend your knee or cheat in any other way? I struggle with this a lot, especially since i haven't got great turnout, so it makes the problem even worse. it gets very frustrating, especailly in fast tendues (sp) my teacher wasn't very helpful, she only said to pull up MORE (possible??) and to think of my supporting hip staying forward and turned out.

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Yes, I think it is. But keep the space as tiny as possible. It's a cheat, sort of, but the knee bent is worse, IMO. With very fast tendu, it's hard, but just stay up as high as you can and really work at not bending the knee!

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Thanks for the tips and info. I will ask my teacher to help me. Would this be true coming from a le seconde (spelling?).



Thanks :D

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Yes, it would be true coming from devant or à la seconde. :D

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