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The dance faculty here at school evaulated me last week, and one of their suggestions was for me to take a year off from school and find someplace to work solely on dance. Since I'm only 19 and already a junior, it's not like I'm hurting for credits or working with a close deadline to graduate or anything, so the idea appeals to me, especially since I hate the academic environment I'm in. Always have. I'd love the chance to get away from it for that long and do what I really enjoy without worrying about general education and silly university rules.


Problem is, I am at a loss for where to go. I don't even know where to start looking. I live on the East Coast already, and I'd like to stay there if at all possible. Anyone have any recommendations for a good, pre-professional program I can check out?

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It is very difficult to recommend a program to you without seeing you in person. Have you asked your teachers at your University program to recommend somthing? 19 is still young enough to take advantage of various apprentice positions within companies. You could begin by doing a search online to see what various companies are offering? Since you are already in the Carolinas, have you checked into North Carolina Dance Theatre or Carolina Ballet? There are companies in almost every state you can think of. Each program will offer various training and performing opportunities. You may also find Stern's Performing Arts Guide to be an aid. I will do a search for the website for you! Let us know what you find. It could be an interresting discussion.


If you go to the Dance magazine website it will lead you to what is now known as the Dance Annual! It lists companies by state, complete with Directors name, website information and phone numbers.

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Arak, have you been to any SI programs where you felt that you might have a realistic potential for their company? Or are there particular companies that you really like or feel that you are well suited for? If so, perhaps spending the year in the school of that company would be a good idea. If you think of the year as another year of college, financially, and can afford to live there and study full time, then perhaps you would get to work with the company through the school program and eventually move into a trainee or apprentice position.

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The only suggestion I've gotten from the faculty was for the Laban Center, but I really can't afford to go overseas, unfortunately.


I've been thinking about the Richmond Ballet as a possibility. I am originally from Virginia, and it's a little closer to home. I will give them a call and ask a few questions about it.


I haven't been many places, unfortunately; my family couldn't really afford to send me to SI's when I was younger. I know that's not good, but there wasn't anything to be done about it. My studio always offered summer classes, so I had that, at least.

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My best friend just graduated from Laban-- she actually found it fairly reasonably priced. If that is what your professors reccommended, however, my guess is that you aren't headed for a ballet company? Laban is VERY modern. If that's the case, you could always look at STEPS in New York -- they have a good work study program.

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ARAK you need to be seen by Directors of companies or go audition for a professional program attached to a company. It is getting late for SIs so hop to it! Hit the Internet, make the inquires, decide or the next year will not fall into place as you wish! Start anywhere, just get started and fast! :D

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