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Guest pointe2dtop
:thumbsup::D I was just wondering how I know if I have the potential to become a dancer? My body has been growing very muscular since I started training at a real ballet school and left my studio. I'm said to be mature for my age and i'm hard working. How do I know if I can make it as a ballet dancer? Are there signs? Ballet is my passion but I don't know if its my talent. Thanks for listening, please respond.
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This is a very tough question to answer, since we can't see you. However, I'm going to move this to the Young Dancers forum, where it is more likely to get seen and answered by our "faculty".

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Thank you for moving this, Treefrog.


There is no way we can tell you, pointe2dtop, however your teachers should be able to advise you in terms of your abilities. One way for you to get a better idea, however, would be to study professional dancers, in videos and photos, and of course in live performances. The more you know and learn about ballet, and about dancers, the more you will learn to recognize your own abilities.

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