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Poll: How long do dd's pointe shoes last?


How long does one pair of pointes last?  

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  1. 1. How long does one pair of pointes last?

    • Less than a week
    • 1-2 weeks
    • 3-4 weeks
    • 1-2 months
    • 2+ months

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Guest CyberDancer

It might also have been interesting to see how long shoes last in terms of hours or wear. Beginning pointe students may take 1/2 hour a week, and their shoes can last forever, whereas an advanced student on pointe daily for a couple of hours could go through shoes in a much shorter period of time -- which kind of gets hidden in this poll. Of course it does give a very good idea of how much money people are spending on pointe shoes!!!!

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My daughter also alternates her shoes & goes through about a pair a month when doing her normal classes. During rehersals/performance, she goes through a pair in two weeks or so. Fortunately she now wears Prima Softs which last her alot longer than prior brands she has worn.

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Guest novamom

mmed, You can find Jet glue at some dance supply stores, also, if you have a good shoe repair store near you, they may carry it. You can also find it online at places like Discount Dance, or Allaboutdance.com. It is not cheap, but it does last a long time.

In my daughter's experience, the length of time it takes to go through a pair of shoes depends on the shoes. When she wore Grishko 2007's they lasted for about 1 wk. Now, Bloch Serenades last for weeks, but Capezio Glisses last for only 1 or 2 classes! A shame, because she finds the Glisses to be very comfortable!

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novamom, Is the jet glue easy to use? Can it be done easily and safely by a 14 year old who is thinking of other things and who would not have an adult near by? I have visions of everything in a drawer or a closet being stuck together!

Does anyone else have a DD who will NOT part with any of those pointe shoes she is going through??? I keep threatening that I will start editing the collection but I am afraid I will thow out that one special pair that is the most signifigant! I know there was a previous thread about creative uses of dead pointe shoes but I wonder how many DDs want to keep every single pair.

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dance for me

My dd has now switched to Russian Pointes. They last about a month. She rotates 2 pairs. They are not her favorite shoe. Freeds last about a class. She has tried wing blocks and studios. We have tried Capezios, Grishkos, Bloch, and Gaynors. We do not put them in bags. We have shellaced and jet glued. During Nutcracker, she went thru 7 pairs! My husband hates the words pointe shoes! Almost forgot to add dd is 14 and in the advanced class at her school. The amount of pointe work varies with rehearsals but normal is 2 hours per week.

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My daughter spends about 7 hours a week en pointe. She must have no less than three pairs of shoes to alternate at a time or the shoes last no more than 1-2 days in class. She is in her second full year of pointe. IF I'm lucky, we get to a point where I buy 3 new pairs every 3 months and she just adds them into the rotation. But when I got to that point last time she was only en pointe about 2.5 hours a week then, more during the summer.


However, as some may remember from another thread, she goes in cycles-- as her skill level increases, her strength level lags and she breaks shanks until her strength catches up. So, just since November when she started adding all the additional hours en pointe, I have bought 20 pairs of pointe shoes and just placed an order this morning for 3 more. When the 3 new ones come, she will have four pairs to rotate among.


Since September, she had been wearing Freed Wing Blocks, but the specific maker that lasted for her has become increasingly unavailable creating quite a crisis for us. Just the other week, she was fitted in a Fuzi full-shank, which we thought might just be a stop-gap shoe until her special orders came in. However, she has decided she really likes the Fuzis---they seem to soften, but then harden right back up----sort of like a "Groundhog Day" movie for pointe shoes. She thinks they turn better than her Freeds, too. Still loves those "J" makers, but since they are so hard to come by, she may stick with the Fuzis. (And thankfully, her strength appears to have improved because the shanks aren't snapping! Jet Glue and boxes we can deal with!)


The Fuzis seem to be lasting longer than the Freeds, so I am hoping to get back to that 3 pr/3mo routine. The price point on the Fuzi is significantly better than the Freeds ($40/pr vs $61.50/pr on-line). She has been wearing the Fuzis for a couple of weeks (her favorite pair more than fairly in the rotation), and it is only now beginning to show signs of the box softening. She told me last night that the box on her favorite pair of Fuzis (she got two, but different sizes), only just now feels as soft as her Freeds felt after one class. She said she likes her boxes hard, so this is great news.

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Where does one buy jet glue?

If your local dance store doesn't carry it, you can order it through Discount Dance. You might also check out your local hobby shops--those stores that sell model airplanes, etc. I also found some online a month or so ago when I was searching for "Jet Glue De-Solv" after a little problem concerning Jet Glue and a cellphone. :wacko: They carry it at a pretty good price, and delivery was about a week: "https://www2.mailordercentral.com/quantummodels"



Sorry! Just noticed that novamom had already listed Discount Dance.

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Guest ivy'smama

mmded, I also have a DD who will not part with old worn out pointe shoes! It's not even that they have any sentimental value. I think she just likes carrying them around. At one time she had about 6 pairs that were dead in her dance bag. I finally insisted that she throw them out when she could hardly lift her dance bag. Can't figure this one out!

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I do the "drying out" lecture on a routine basis and have supplied plenty of Uncle Ba-ba's sachets to that end!

Do these really help dry out the shoes? I'm thinking about getting some for dd. She just switched from hard-as-rock Blochs to Gamba 93s which she has only been wearing for a couple of weeks now. She said the boxes are quite soft after class, but firm up after drying out. I've been told to try painting the boxes with artists varnish as a kind of "moisture barrier" between her feet & the box...has anyone tried this?


P.S. She still carries around her old pointes...they're not dead yet (can't kill 'em!) but don't quite fit anymore.

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I haven't tried this trick myself, but here it is for those willing to try:


A mom I know pours a little bit of Future floor Wax in her daughter's shoes, rotates the shoe until the entire box is coated, turns her oven on to its lowest temp., puts the shoes in and then turns the oven off and lets them sit overnite. I think she then air dries them for another day or so. My daughter had her try this on one of her pairs, and she said it worked great, they came out quite hard. Her only regret was that she hadn't broken them in just a little first.


Also. a word of warning about saving old pointe shoes:

My daughter also used to collect old pointe shoes. Last summer she had accumulated a large pile of them in her room, and more than a few others thrown here and there. :shrug: I convinced her to go through them and only save the really special ones (although I wasn't sure how she could tell them apart!!) She wears Freed Studios, and it turned out that many of them were infested with a lot of tiny reddish bugs, the same color as the shank material. She ended up throwing away all the old shoes except for one or two extra-extra special pairs. :wacko:

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I too am a big fan of the Uncle Ba ba's. They not only help with drying out the shoe but help with the smell as well. Better still, they are cheap so I bought several pairs. My daughter is pretty good about putting them in the shoes after class, but she occasionally forgets. Sometimes when I stumble over her dance bag where she dropped it on the floor, I "inspect" to make sure that she is using them! The next thing I know, I have all of the Ba ba's neatly tucked into to shoes, and everything nice and organized...I think it lasts about a day, but I can't resist. :D

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She wears Freed Studios, and it turned out that many of them were infested with a lot of tiny reddish bugs, the same color as the shank material.

Ummm, just want to say EWWWWW! :flowers:


The results of the poll (41 votes) show that most shoes are lasting between 3 weeks & 2 months. I guess this is good? As I said at the beginning, dd just outgrew her first pointes after 4 1/2 months...they were still hard as rocks. It looks like these new Gambas can be expected to last a much shorter time judging by the softness of the box, but she likes them so much better!


Thanks to all who voted!

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Ummm, just want to say EWWWWW!  :D

Our sentiment exactly! Funny thing is her Capezios, which were older than her Freed Studios, did not have any little bugs. :rolleyes:

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The pointe shoes turn-over here is about every three to four weeks shorter or longer depending on shoe care and performances. Since DD started taking partnering at college she has found that an intense 1.5 hour class twice a week is hard on her shoes as well as her feet. We live near the coast so we have a lot of humidity which is hard on the shoes. Last summer in Utah her shoes lasted much longer. She finds that her shoes last longer if she rotates but she's lazy about sewing the elastics and ribbons so that sometimes doesn't happen. She is a shoe saver too and that's a good thing when in a pinch a pair of pointes go dead sometimes an old pair that have set for awhile can be used one more time. She also recycles elastics and ribbons to save money and only buys new for performances. This is one expensive hobby! She has recently decided not to persue dancing professionally but here we are still shelling out the bucks for those shoes.

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Tell me about Uncle Ba Ba's sachets...

I've never seen them before and after looking them up online, it appears they are small muslin bags filled with cedar shavings. Sounds like a great idea but since I'm up in the Great White North and we're lucky to have 3 shops in town that actually carry pointe shoes but not many extra things - do you think it possible to make them by hand? Those of you that have them - are they just as they appear? They look like they would fit snuggly into a pointe shoe to help keep its shape as it dries. Certainly would help with the odor problem!

I'd order them but everything I order from the U.S. comes accompanied with extra taxes and duties. Ordering pointe shoes once a month (2 pairs) is costly enough when you consider the exchange rate.

My DD was going through Freed Studios one pair per week. Since she switched to Grishko Elites, she gets at least a month with rotating 2 pairs.

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