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Poll: How long do dd's pointe shoes last?


How long does one pair of pointes last?  

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  1. 1. How long does one pair of pointes last?

    • Less than a week
    • 1-2 weeks
    • 3-4 weeks
    • 1-2 months
    • 2+ months

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rosentom, Have you tried ordering from the Shoe Room at NBS? They may not carry Grishkos but I know that you can order double shanks if that would help. They are very helpful and I know of quite a few dancers who order on a regular basis from Alberta.

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Another possibility might be Principle pointe shoes made by Chan Hon Goh. I don't know if she travles to your city but she comes on a regular basis to ours and does personal fittings. We had two pairs of custom pointe shoes firly quickly. I don't think they were any more money (maybe $5.00?). They were working very well and I think would have had a fairly long life compared to some but my dancer went away that summer and they only allowed Freeds and Suffolks.

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rosentom, I think that is pretty much it -- cedar shavings in a muslin bag!! Although I am no technical expert -- I guess it works on the same principle as a cedar closet. There may be other materials besides cedar that can wick the moisture out of a shoe...don't know.

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Mel Johnson

You can try silica gel, which is used for drying flowers. You can find it in craft supply stores. The only thing is that it lacks the anti-stench anti-pest capabilities of cedar.

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mmded - Thanks for your suggestions. We did try ordering shoes from The Shoe Room last summer. They were very gracious and quick to ship what we ordered. Unfortunately, my DD has very wide feet through the metatarsals and her feet have changed in the past year so that she is no longer happy with Freeds. She also tried a pair of Suffolk Solos and did not like them at all. Principal shoes would have to be custom made due to the width issue. I can get Grishko shoes sent from Edmonton but the cost is pretty ridiculous at $130. per pair! I can get them for $49. US from Discount Dance. I still have to figure in the duty and GST but it still comes out cheaper, believe it or not, to have them sent from California than having them sent from Edmonton to Calgary! And they arrive in 3 days!


Jacqueline and Mel - thank you for the help on Uncle Ba Ba's sachets and silica gel. I think I'll try my hand at making some with cedar shavings from the local pet store!

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rosentom: Don't you find it sad that it is so difficult to find pointe shoes locally in Alberta? I thought Calgary might be easier with Alberta Ballet Company located there. I am sure that the amount of shipping etc. paid by parents would cover the cost of opening a shoe store. Maybe a pointe shoe co-operative?

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Guest grandmatoes

When my dd wears Grishko 2007's they last about 2 weeks but when my dd wears Freed Studios she gets about a months wear out of them. Her shank dies before her box because of her arch strength. Any solutions?

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My dd wears Freed classics. They last barely a week and that's with jet glue. She tried the wing block but didn't like them. Keeping her in shoes is very expensive. And hard to do besides...there are only a few makers that she likes.

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