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How do I thank AD?


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I was wondering how to thank my DD's assistant director for helping her make a video for a merit scholarship to a SI. He isn't charging me anything for helping, and I'm not quite sure what would be an appropriate thank you for all the time he has given up for us. We are very new to this, my daughter's almost 11 and in her third year of ballet. The AD is new to our school, and I'm not sure about his interests etc... Does anyone have suggestions? Thanks for any help you can give me!

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I'd suggest having your daughter write him a thoughtful thank you note. :wacko: If you want to give him a present, perhaps a nice bottle of wine? If he doesn't care for it, I'm sure he will have some friends who will. Or a gift card to a book store, etc.?

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Tickets to a ballet performance or any other touring dance production are nice. If the AD already has season tickets to the local ballet company (if you have one) perhaps a gift certificate to a nearby restaurant for dinner or dessert and coffe after the performance might be appreciated

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...or, if you can figure out which ones he has/doesn't have, a beautiful ballet book. There are a few new-ish ones out (the Balanchine Book, the ABT Ballet Book) and of course there are many nice less-recent books too.


Oh, and thank-you notes regardless. :-)

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Visa and Amex make gift cards that can be used any where. There is also a cool place called gift certificates.com where you buy a gift certificate then the receiver can go in and pick where they want their gift certificate to be from.

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:D Thank you for the advice! I knew we were going to write a thank you note, but I wasn't sure if a gift was appropriate--or what to get. I think I'll go with a gift certificate--- but now I have to figure out where????
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A gift certificate for a massage!


(Oooh, how I could use one now!) :D

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