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For the past few months, I have been having mid/upper back pain main as a result (I think) of carrying a bag on my shoulder to work. The pain is usually moderate to severe by the time I get to work (a 45 min walk) but subsides in an hour or so. I think in a way my spine is becoming misaligned because one shoulder is trying to compensate for the weight on the other and my posture and balance in class are becoming somewhat affected. I went to the chiropractor for the first time this morning and, after an evaluation, he thinks I have strained muscles and wants to start a two month, three day a week treatment with electric stimulation/massage. My question - is this treatment really worth the time and monetary commitment ($60+ a week) or is there a more afforable (and as effective) treatment option?

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Guest mic31

I can only reference my personal expierience. Chiropractic therapy has done wonders for my back. The intensive work on your back gives way to routine maintenance pretty quick.

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A less expensive method would be to stop carrying the bag on one shoulder. Either divide the load and carry it equally, or, better, if it's a heavy bag, get one with wheels. :D

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Be very careful, I had a bad reaction to a chiro. The pain got worse for me. I would advise visiting a Orthepedist who specializes in spine pain. As dancers we sometimes mis-shape our bodies to acheive perfection. We tend to be more flexible than most people, and don't have enough strength in the back.

When you get better, consider Pilates or other strengthening excercises.



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A backpack with a chest and waist strap is another option. I have a small runner's pack that has a chest and waist strap that does a great job of distributing the weight so that your shoulders don't carry all the burden. I love this backpack!

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I have a colleague who is a chiropractor and an LMT. She's a former professional dancer, and knows just what to do for dancers! If you can find somebody like this, put them on a pedestal! They're terrific!

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Just my humble opinion...I have a great chiropractor and would recommend that you see one. Misalignment can be corrected and it's important, I think, to have your body be in the best shape possible (from an alignmnet point of view :wub: ). Something to consider though, chiropractors can use different methods of manipulation, ie neck cracking, so if you do go this route you might want to check first to find a method you're comfortable with. As far as the committment, in the beginning it might seem like alot of visits, but once everything is under control you shouldn't have to go as often as usually the doctor can recommend things to do at home to help. Good luck ! :flowers:

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I just wanted to add that chiropractic adjustments ("cracking"--a word my chiropractor would never tolerate :rolleyes: ) are completely painless. I find this to be the easiest part of treatment actually. There are certain theraputic massage techniques ( and massage sounds like it will be pleasant :D )which can be a bit painful until you are used to it. But you will get used to it and feel oh so much better afterward. The cracking sound is nothing but a bit of gas in the joints--it's akin to cracking your knuckles and is completely harmless and painless.

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I agree that adjustments are relatively painless, I didn't mean to imply otherwise :rolleyes: . I also agree that after an adjustment you DO feel better...Since my kids were infants I have taken them to be adjusted and they feel it when the fall off the monkey bars and I will usually hear on the way home..."Mom, I think I need to get fixed. My hip feels funny... (from my 5 year old!) " . What I really meant to say was that some chiropractors do the neck cracking thing and some use other methods and it's really up to the individual which method they prefer. Bottom line is that I highly recommend chiropractic treatment. :D

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Guest jcosden

I can only speak from personal experience, but I have been to chiropractors and so has my mother. We both think they are a great help to continue sports and keep our spine aligned. She has had surgery for a herniated disk and wouldn't be able to continue sports if she didn't see a chiropractor regularly.


I will say however that I have been to a few different ones and some I like better than others. I think a lot is personal preference, and finding the chiropractor that does adjustments you like... you can also talk to your chiropractor and let them know if something isn't working for you, and they will most likely work with you to find something that will help.


Good luck, I hope your back feels better soon!

Also, to do the adjustments and not change the cause (i.e. the way you carry your bags etc.) may just end up costing more, so you may want to do both!



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