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Advancing in My Level of Technique

Guest pointe2dtop

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Guest pointe2dtop

This summer I will go to 1 or 2 summer intensives (ballet florida and boca ballet theatre) and I am at a pretty low level in ballet. I also may take private ballet lessons! Are those very expensive? Anyway, I was wondering if my teacher would skip me up if I improved a lot over the summer. In a level 0-9 ballet system how many levels would I move up at a maximum? Once again I appreciate you for your excellence in ballet advice!!!!!!!!!!

p.s. The deal is I have to continue my 2 times a week violin lessons if I want to do ballet. That is so like my dad. :wacko::shrug::D

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I'm afraid this question is impossible to answer, pointe2dtop. There are just too many variables involved, and we don't know your school, or you and your ability and facility for ballet. Just work very hard and do the best you can and see what happens :D

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Guest devion101

SFB2b, please don't be rude.... It doesn't help anyone.

Pointe2dtop (cute name by the way), in order to move up the levels at your school, my advice is:

-Work extra hard in class

-Pay special attention to corrections that are given to you, and even to those not aimed at you. I suggest writing down personal corrections in a notebook, this is very helpful

-Talk to your teachers about any specific questions or concerns that you are having with dance. You'd be surprised at how much they really do care about your dancing! Once I started actually talking to my teachers about my problems, many things became clear.

-Private lessons are good, but be warned, they are often very intense because you are the only one there. I had private lessons by default (I was the only one in the class...) and I sometimes had a hard time having every little thing critiqued... So think it through.

-Don't be too hard on yourself. This is a high priority! I sometimes am WAY too critical of myself and just get depressed about my dancing, and this kind of attitude just sets me back further. If I have a good attitude and realize that not everything in ballet comes naturally, I progress much faster. Just take a deep breath and recognize that you are trying as hard as you can, and that eventually you will get it!

I hope my post is helpful :D , I'm sorry it's so long!



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