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I have good news too

Guest beckster

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Guest beckster

I heard today that I've been elected to a junior research fellowship at Oxford University. That means I'll be moving again in October and having to go through the whole process of finding a new ballet teacher all over again. I am delighted because I have been working towards this for so long, and I'm really looking forward to being part of the university - how often do you get the chance to live in a 16th century building for free! I will be sad to leave London and my ballet classes here though. It always takes awhile to settle into a ballet school and it seems a shame that I will leave so soon.

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Congratulations Beckster!!! Very exciting achievement! :wink::D

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Yeah Beckester......you will be closer to Skippy! and I did live in Oxford for a year..almost started to go to a ballet school there....RAD..but you don't have to bother with that as you'll have the uni dance club! :D

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That's great news Beckster - congratulations!

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beckster, that's great! Congratulations! Horrible to say it on this board, but I can't think of any ballet related news that would have been better (well, not realistic ones, anyway :D).

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Congrats Beck! :wink: Study Hard, and make us proud!

You mentioned Looking for a new teacher. You should try a variety of teachers, if possible.


I get the felling once in a while about going for my Phd, but I just lie down and the feeling goes away. :D Graduate school is very competitive. It would also be 4-5 years of work without contributing to any retirement plans.



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Guest kristinene

Congrats beckster! I know what you mean, I'll be in the same boat in the fall. I just don't know where I'll be yet! I hope that you find a teacher and school that you love!

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WOW what wonderful news. Oxford is lovely i spent most of my summers there as my dad is from there. It only takes 40 mins to get to Reading from there. You go girl you deserve it and hopefully we can all meet up soon and celebrate.


lol skippy x

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Congratulations! I'm jealous. How do I get a job at Oxford?

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Guest beckster

How do you get a fellowship at Oxford? Get some publications, some good references, have an idea for a project and someone to back you, and then be prepared for a lot of rejections. It comes down to luck on the day.


Xena, I want to know where that school was as I still want to do RAD!

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