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Off ABT waitlist!!

Guest dancinabbs

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Guest dancinabbs

I'm so happy!! Today, when I got home from school (actully I was shadowing at a high-school...but thats :wub: ), the phone rang and I picked it up. The person asked for my mother, and when I said she wasn't home and could I take a messgae, she asked for me. That's when I knew!! I got off the waitlist!!! I was SO HAPPY!! :wub::flowers::party:B) I just felt a need to tell someone, and you all were the first people who came to my mind.


xoxo ABBS xoxo

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Congrats! We knew you could do it! :D

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Guest chia6

Hearty congrats! We know two girls who are going to Detroit this year. One is 13 one is 15. I'll give them this website address & maybe you guys can connect!

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